When will the 'next generation' of F1 drivers arrive?

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    Keith Collantine

    I freely admit the following was born (pun intended) of having a few minutes to kill and nothing but my phone to entertain myself with. The premise is simple: when will the offspring of the current generation of racers be old enough to race in F1 given the FIA’s 18-year age limit?

    We’ve got plenty of second-generation drivers in F1 at the moment – Max Verstappen, Jolyon Palmer, Carlos Sainz Jnr and not forgetting the outgoing champion. So perhaps we will see one of these names in F1 one day:

    2027 – Bassi (‘Felipinho’) Massa
    2031 – Sacha Grosjean
    2032 – Emilie Vettel
    2033 – Robin Raikkonen, Alaia Rosberg, Matilda Vettel, Simon Grosjean
    2035 – Montague Horner*

    Not a driver’s son, obviously, though Christian runs Red Bull and did F3000 plus Geri went to the 1997 McLaren launch

    Do add any others I haven’t thought of – can we get a full grid?



    A championship that was once the epitome of manly sports won by an Emilie or a Matilda? Please no! :(
    On a side note, Bassi Massa doesn’t sound much better either, haha :)



    This is the XXI century @damon, what’s wrong with women winning in F1?
    Besides, you killed me with @keithcollantine:

    Not a driver’s son, obviously, though Christian runs Red Bull and did F3000 plus Geri went to the 1997 McLaren launch



    “what’s wrong with women winning in F1?”
    – What’s not?



    There’s nothing wrong with a woman in F1 if she truly deserves it. That means she is among the 20-30 best drivers in the world and she can have no favours because of her gender like softer qualifying tyres than rest or lighter car.


    Kavin Kannan


    Whats wrong with you? Women should have equal rights with men, if a man is allowed to race in F1 than a woman should be too. Like what Michal said, if she is fast enough and deserves it she should race.


    David Not Coulthard

    MSC didn’t retire until a few years ago so Mick Schumacher would sort of count, I guess?


    Keith Collantine

    @davidnotcoulthard Indeed – he’s 18 next month. And while we’re on the subject Harrison Newey, who just beat him to the MRF Challenge title, is already 18. Manuel Maldonado, Pastor’s cousin who they also raced against, turns 18 next year.



    Not quite F1, but Colton Herta (son of IndyCar race winner and current team owner Bryan) will be 18 next year and is doing well in European junior formulas.

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