Where can I rewatch races from previous seasons?

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    Does anyone know where i can re watch f1 races form previous seasons???
    preferably from 2000-2010 seasons



    Sky Sports F1 show some old races in full from time to time.



    You can find the occasional full race on youtube. Sometimes in one long shot, or sometimes broken down into 10 to 15 ten minute clips. I just searched there for 2001 Belgian GP and somebody has the whole thing up broken down into 14 clips.



    torrets are useful but allow for some space free. a full race is usually quite a large file.



    @kinggp It depends. If you want to watch specific races on demand, I suggest you check out YouTube and Youku. YouTube is the site we all know and love, but is usually only good for races from the 50s to the 90s. Youku is China’s answer to YouTube and has some of the more modern races that are usually blocked or taken off YouTube altogether.

    Personally, I prefer watching races at random (i.e. I’ll watch whatever you’re broadcasting). For that, there is a channel on Justin.tv that does just that. But I don’t want to paste the link here as that usually leads to a takedown later. I suggest you search “F1 Legends” on Facebook instead. Once you find the page, you should be able to find instructions to access the channel (as well as the password to the channel).


    Mr Blob

    There are a few torrent sites with entire seasons, but as someone above mentioned, these tend to be rather large in size (and low quality from ‘back in the day’). I’m just re-watching all the 2005 season again, much to my disappointment with how many times the ultra fast McLaren breaks down! :-(



    Not sure on legal grey areas so maybe not post it here, but could someone possibly point me in the direction of some sites that have these via Twitter? Username is @bmgh85 Every site I use comes up with dead torrents for most F1 stuff (or just doesnt have any at all!)



    thanks everyone

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