Where to now for Lucas di Grassi?

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    Tom L.

    What do you think the future holds for Di Grassi? Could he pick up a drive at HRT? Or a reserve role for another team? Which would be most beneficial to his career? Or should he maybe concentrate on other series – and if so, where?



    Maybe a role as a test driver for the Hispania Racing Team beckons……



    I don’t think a HRT drive is likely unless he can suddenly find some sponsorship dollars.

    I’d say back into GP2 for a year, where he has a good chance of winning due to a relatively inexperienced field, and then see what happens this time next year.



    Just like Grosjean he too will be lost from F1.


    Felipe Bomeny

    Frmula Truck, most likely, but Superleague Formula and AutoGP are options in Europe.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’d be trying to join Air Asia in GP2, because the Air Asia GP2 drivers will be the Lotus Racing third drivers in 2011. That way, if Kovalainen or Trulli go UA, I’d be able to step up to the plate. And since Trulli only has a season or two left in him, it would be easy to get back into a race seat full-time.



    Indy cars, He’d fit in with other failed f1 drivers and european open wheel disasters!


    Felipe Bomeny

    PM makes a really valid point there, as Fauzy was dropped from the 1Malaysia programme. Still, all the other ousted Brazilian F1 drivers are either in Frmula Truck or Brazilian V8 Stock Cars, and di Grassi lacks an attractive wallet, so to me, Brazil seems most likely if he doesn’t return to GP2, which he’s already made a career of.



    I don’t see GP2 return likely – he has done enough there. I can see him joining Indycars some day, as the series has been quite attractive for the Brazilians for a long time.



    As he is not good enough for F1, I dont care about his future.



    He deserves an f1 test role, Renault were really impressed with his development work with them.

    On a seperate note, do you think McLaren will take up de la Rosa again, they may find his experience on pirelli tyres useful, even if the tyres he tested are not the final product.


    Ned Flanders

    Interesting question on de la Rosa. He’s getting on a bit, and there’s not much room (if any) for none race drivers to test for the big teams, so I suspect not. If he doesn’t get the Hispania seat then he’ll be off to DTM or somewhere.

    And on di Grassi- I’m not sure, but I’d be amazed if he gets another shot at F1. He falls into the ‘good but not quite good enough’ category along with the likes of Klien and Petrov and Buemi



    Di Grassi should do like Davidson and many others and go to Le Mans Series, this is where the action is going to be in the coming years.



    Dole office. Or in reality, IRL/GT.

    I feel sorry for him, but not for me.



    Dole? Dont they make canned peaches?

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