Where will they be in 5 years?

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    Here’s a fun game. Predict where the current crop of F1 drivers will be in 5 years from now (by the end of the 2015 season). Don’t bother doing every driver, unless you really want to- so here are mine.

    Vettel – triple or at least double World Champion. I’d like to think still driving for RBR, but I can’t see him turning down an offer from Ferrari.

    Webber – depending on 2011’s car, he could still be WDC, but I’d be surprised if he’s still here by 2012, regardless of how this season pans out.

    Hamilton – surely McLaren can’t go 5 years without producing a truly Championship-winning car. If Hamilton goes into the 2016 season without being a double World Champion, I’ll eat my hat. I also think that he’ll still be with McLaren.

    Button – a difficult one. He won’t win another Championship, and I can’t see him anywhere other than McLaren, expect maybe unless he gets a chance to move to Red Bull. But wherever he goes in the future, I’m not sure he’ll still be driving in 5 years time.

    Alonso – retired. He may win another Championship he gets a decent car, but he’s not going to move from Ferrari- this will be his last team.

    Massa – he’s got plenty of years ahead of him, but I don’t think many more of them will be at Ferrari. I could see him at Renault, Williams or Sauber either in 2012 or 2013. World Champion? Doubtful.

    Schumacher – I honestly think he could still win another Championship- and I sincerely hope he does. If Mercedes can put a decent car together, he’s still more than a match for Alonso, Hamilton and Vettel.

    Rosberg – he’s good, but I think he’s slightly overrated. He may be World Champion one day, but I’d be surprised. And he does achieve it, it’s not going to be any time soon.

    Kubica – I doubt he’ll be at Renault for much longer. This year, maybe 2012, but no longer. He’ll want something better- maybe Webber’s seat when he retires, or Button’s if he moves.

    Barrichello – still driving in 5 years? If he is, I’ll be hugely impressed. But he’s showing no signs of slowing down.

    I may do some more later on, once I’ve seen everybody elses’ :)



    I agree with most of those except for Alonso, in 5 years he will only be 34 which is nothing with Schumacher setting a good precedent. There are lots of records he can very much achieve provided the car is competitive.

    Barrichello – still driving in 5 years? If he is, I’ll be hugely impressed. But he’s showing no signs of slowing down.

    The problem with Rubens is he never got up to speed in the first place.


    Vettel – Double WDC will be in Mercedes after 2012 season and might win again quickly after moving.

    Webber – Probably replaces Rubens in Williams when he retires

    Hamilton – Should really win again, only a matter of time until McLaren deliver something better then the other top 3. He won’t leave McLaren.

    Button – Might get another shot against Lewis, yet it’s up to McLaren to beat the other top 3 teams. Might get replaced by Hulkenberg down the line.

    Alonso – Retire? Nah not for me IMHO, he will win 1-2 titles before 2016 now that he has got the whole team around him.

    Massa – Hope he wins a WDC but doubt it now, will probably replace Kubica in Renault when Kubica goes to replace Vettel in Red Bull.

    Schumacher – He won’t improve much, maybe given the boot before the 2012 season to replace with Vettel.

    Rosberg – Don’t be fooled by the name, I really do think Nico has a very good chance to win a WDC soon given the right car, but he needs to be quick about it before another big fish like vettel comes along to make it harder to control the team.

    Kubica – Given the right car in either Red Bull or Ferrari he will challenge for WDC’s maybe he will win 1 or 2 even with Alonso as a teamate.

    Barrichello – I take the fifth ammendment, so you can ask him yourself because nobody can predict really how long Rubens can go for, maybe 1 more shot at the title maybe??? If given the car ofc…



    I’ll do it the other way, with teams:

    Ferrari: Alonso, Bianchi

    McLaren: Hamilton, di Resta

    Red Bull: Vettel, Ricciardo

    Mercedes: Rosberg, Sutil

    Renault: Kubica, Alguersuari

    Williams: Hulkenberg, d’Ambrosio

    Force India (owned by someone else, still a strong midfielder): Glock, Kovalainen

    Sauber (now with a backing from a big car company): Kobayashi, de Vries

    Lotus: Massa, Barrichello

    Virgin: Stoneman, Ericsson

    Champions: 2011 Hamilton, 2012 Alonso, 2013 Alonso, 2014 Vettel, 2015 di Resta

    That’s based on crazy guessing though, the only two changes from the current line-up that would make sense are Bianchi and Ricciardo.



    Eh well then all these depends on the car.


    If either of them gets the fastest car with good reliability they’ll win the title, there just better than the rest like that. Suspect they’ll both be in the same teams they are now. Ferrari looks the better outfit to deliver the car at the mo, I am seriously impressed by the F150, looks a beast, but Macca could yet suprise. Almost certainly a title each.


    Better than Webber, so if RB deliver the car, he’ll probably deliver the title. If he doesn’t have an gigantic performance advantage well, depends how far behind what Kubica ALonso and Hamilton are driving. Probably rate him fourth on the current grid. But the way RB are making them these days, he’ll probably get at least 1 title if not two.


    Hamiltons pace is going to get to him eventually, he’ll either retire or he’ll have moved, reckon leaving Merc was still a mistake, no more titles.


    Depends on this year don’t it, either he’ll be at Ferrari faithfully tricking himself into thinking he’s got a chance or he’ll have moved. No titles.


    Retired, no titles.


    Depends how well Renault does this year. We’ve yet to see him under the true preassure of a title hunt but he did incredibly with half a chance in 08. Reckon he wouldn’t have much trouble, could move to Ferrari or Redbull. Probably a title contender and possible winner by 2016


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    Alonso- He will win another title

    Massa- With the current lineup being so talented I think he wont have a shot at the title even if he leaves Ferrrari

    Hamilton- Will win another title if he can get a championship winning car not second or third best (he is still human for those who think he can win a WDC in a HRT)

    Button- Identical situation to my Massa prediction

    Rosberg- He definitely has potential to be a WDC and I believe he will

    Schumacher- Wont win another Championship, he is old and the current lineup is more talented than any of his previous years in my opinion

    Kubica- 100% Tier 1 driver and future WDC, not sure if it will be with Renault with Bahar dipping his hands in F1

    Glock- has potential but has a long way to climb with his decision to be with Virgin and only racing Rookies. WDC but not within 5 years

    Trulli- Retires but with great contribution to Lotus

    Barrichello- He is old and not that fast, soon teams will realize that their are faster drivers that are just as good in developing cars. Will retire

    Hulkenburg- Wont live up to the expectations some give him, not a Tier 1 racer even with experience

    I will finish my list later with team predictions as well.



    Hamilton – Still be at McLaren and will be a double-champion (hopefully)

    Alonso – Another two titles to become a four-time champion and due to retire.

    Button – Possibly still at McLaren or maybe someone like Lotus. No more titles.

    Schumacher – Retired in 2012 after an average 2011.

    Vettel – I hope another championship maybe even two more with Red Bull. He could well be at Ferrari.

    Webber – Retired at the end of 2011 to make way for Buemi or Alguersuari.


    Dan Thorn

    Alonso will have a couple more titles and will still be driving for Ferrari purely for the enjoyment.

    Hamilton will have one more title, but it won’t be with McLaren after a colossal falling out with the team makes him switch teams.

    Vettel will have come close on a couple of occasions, but will have lost out due to either not having the car or being too impetuous.

    Rosberg will have won a title with a superior car, but also proven himself with brilliant seasons in lesser Mercedes machinery

    Massa will have won a title with Ferrari in brilliant style and retiring immediately afterwards, becoming a manager to a new young Brazilian driver.

    Button continues with McLaren for the rest of his career, serving as mentor to younger drivers and winning a freak title in a few years through outstanding consistancy

    Kubica mysteriously quits the sport in a couple of years despite proving a consistant championship challenger

    Sutil is still with Force India and still ranks and promising but inconsistant.



    Webber will have strong armed himself into becoming WDC through sheer force of will before retiring to V8 supercars, and maybe Le Mans. Car 0 makes a comeback.

    Massa will eventually get pushed out into IndyCar, Barrichello finally has absence of luck at Interlagos to win final Grand Prix.

    Alonso to become 3xWDC, maybe starts to lose motivation. Hamilton to gain another title, and Vettel to endure season after frustrating season as pure numbers conspire against him, ends up at Mercedes alongside Rosberg who endures same problem.

    Button to gain another title and finishes career at McLaren. di Resta, Hulkenburg emerge as yet more dangerous contenders, but no title as yet is forthcoming.

    Schumacher to string together race victories but next title remain beyond his grasp. JR Hilebrandt enters F1 after Indy 500 triumph.

    Kubica drags Renault to WCC and earns himself a WDC before leaving for Rallying.

    Raikonnen is constaly banded about as returing to F1, eventually leaves for IndyCar and shows them why hes the fastest current racer around.

    Frank Williams ultimately saves his team from the brink and by 2015 are resembling the force that they used to be.

    Ultimately, there will be so many competitive drivers in more competitive cars (Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren, Mercedes, Renault (as per FIA naming convention) and Williams at the back end) that too many will have to go without the crown. Like how Mansell, worth multiple WDC’s in the 80s, left the decade with none.



    Pure guessing, but I think out of the next 5 titles Hamilton and/or Alonso will win two each, Vettel 1 and if there’s one left then maybe Kubica or Vettel again.



    NIco Rosberg will be a double world champion by 2015.

    Fernando Alonso will have left the sport (crying after coming runner up in the championship 3 times in 4 years with the help of his team mate moving over).

    Lewis Hamilton will be a triple World Champion.

    Vettel will be a double world champion.

    Kubica will move to ferrari when Alonso leaves and win the championship on his first attempt in 2016.


    Adrian J

    I’m impressed by the maths of some of these suggestions – I think 1 person has 7 WDC titles being won in the next 4 seasons…lol!!



    Can I answer this mid season? I honestly think Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso, Kubica and Rosberg all have a chance this season. Webber might ever poke his head for a chance, Alonso still has 5 seasons in him and at least 2 championships, Vettel will win another in a diff team if not RedBull, Hamilton will be given the chance at Mclaren and Kubica can only hope gets a good car, like Rosberg who is still underrated.


    Stephen Jones

    i’m another one that predicts de vries to grab a good seat in F1

    and surely Kubica can get a good seat?



    I think Alonso will have another title or maybe 2.. Lewis has an equally good chance of taking two titles. Vettel could take 1 more, and if Kubica gets the chance he should take 1 as well.

    Button – Retired after being thoroughly outclassed by Hamilton. Doesn’t get any wins over the next few years.

    Webber – Retires without a title in 2012, but gets a couple of more wins before he retires.. including the Australian GP.

    Rosberg – Could have a chance at the title, if he gets the drive.. but he will still be around after 5 yea5rs.

    Schumi – Retires at the end of the 2011 season, without adding any more wins or podiums to his tally.

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