Which 2 drivers would you pick?

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    I kind of have 2 questions here.

    If you were a team principal with a winning car and unlimited budget (for hiring drivers) who would you choose? Also very importantly, how would you choose? Would you go for 2 top shots, or 1 number 1 driver and 1 “numpty” driver?

    Now, for the first answer, which 2 would you pick out of the current grid of drivers?

    Second, who would you pick, if you had to pick people who WEREN’T currently on the grid? You can include people who have never been to F1, or have retired, but they must be as they are now; i.e. if you picked Hakkinen he’d be 43 and you can’t choose 30-year-old double champ Hakkinen!)

    For me, I’d pick Vettel and Schumacher actually. In a sort of Germanic super team way. Vettel is already very good; one of the best, and I think if we paired him actively with Schumi we’d see a real monster with how much the old master could pass on to him.

    For drivers outside the current grid, I’d pick DTM’s Mattias Ekstrm and Kimi Raikkonen; Raikkonen I think is still great, and I think is looking to go back to F1 anyways. For Ekstrom, I’ve always been a fan and I’ve always been convinced that he would do well in open-wheel.



    That’s tough. One would have to be Vettel, Alonso or Hamilton, although on recent form I’d be put off by Hamilton. On personality I’d be put off by Alonso. I would probably gamble on Hamilton then either pair him with on Vettel, or put someone steady but very able alongside. What do you know, I’d either have Hamilton and Vettel or McLaren’s current line-up, although there’s a chance I’d go for Vettel and Button.



    I’d go for Alonso and Vettel, as I consider them the most complete drivers on the grid. As for those who aren’t in formula one, I’d probably go for Heidfeld – Hulkenberg, with Grosjean being the third choice.



    Hmm.. Right now Hamilton is sadly too inconsistent in his driving, so for me I would not include him. Had he been his 2007-2009 spec I probably would.

    For now I would take Vettel and Rosberg. Vettel to win the championships and Rosberg to be a stable rear gunner. I don’t think Rosberg would be really quick enough to push vettel for the championship, but I think he would be more steady then Webber is right now and be a bigger threat to the competition.

    An ideal, competition destroying, front row team would be Alonso and Vettel, but I think a driver pairing like that could end up being rather messy.

    I think a consistent and fast driver paired with a faster and as consistent driver is the ideal combination, and I think you would get that with Vettel and Rosberg.



    Alonso and Massa because I believe in them both, they’re my favourites and I think Massa will get stronger. Ideally, I’d go for Alonso and Seb but I think Alonso works best when he’s at the heart of the team. I’d love to nab Paul and have him on my team as he’s the future.

    Outside of the current grid: Grosjean and the Hulk. Both have a lot of promise. If I’m not allowed Hulk because he is a third driver and has done some practice sessions I’d say Bianchi instead



    Easy; Vettel and Raikkonen.



    I’d pick Alonso and Hamilton because that would be fun. If I was more serious about it, then Alonso and Kobayashi. The two drivers from the past I would employ would be Prost and Montoya.



    I would have to go for Glock and Button. I know Glock has been shown much recently but I dont think anyone would and he has shown good skills when he was in a better car. Button has been very consistent and doesn’t seem to be bothered by his team-mates. Had Kubica been in a car I would probably put him in instead of Glock but I would be breaking the rules I believe. For those that dont race Formula 1 as of no it would have to be Bianchi and Kimi.


    I’m choosing two drivers who I don’t actually support.

    As I said in the other thread, my Number 1 pick would be Lewis Hamilton. He is the most naturally talented driver and the most brilliantly skilled racer that I’ve ever seen during my life as an F1 fan. He’s had a fair bit of criticism recently and while some of it has been deserved, he’s also had a ridiculous amount of flack from people who just simply don’t like him and can’t wait for any opportunity to dump on him. I don’t think he’s lost any of his ability or that his racecraft is failing him, I just think that he’s been prone to over-driving this season because he’s so desperate to be up there winning races and so when he’s not in a position to do so, he gets frustrated. I still believe his racecraft is unsurpassed by anyone on the grid, and having been thrown into the sharp end of F1 from Day 1 the way he’s performed over the years even in a team like McLaren has been nothing short of remarkable. So if could choose anyone to join my team, I’m choosing Lewis Hamilton first. No question.

    So who else do I pick to join him? Surely not Alonso, especially after what happened in 2007? Well, yes. Actually. The most complete all-rounder on the grid, Alonso’s in that golden period of his career when he has honed his skills as sharply as he ever will and his level of experience makes him nothing less than a veteran. In short, he’s at the peak of his powers. He does have a habit of losing his temper out on track rather easily and he has one hell of an ego, but even with all that considered, you really have to appreciate what a driver like Fernando can bring to a team. And what about him and Hamilton? What about them? In 2007 Fernando completely underestimated his rookie teammate and just couldn’t deal mentally with the fact that this new upstart was matching and even beating him in equal machinery on occasion and he started acting like an entitled so-and-so. But that was then and now, while they may not necessarily be best mates, it’s clear that they both respect each other these days. They are both more professional drivers and sportsmen than they were at McLaren in 2007 and with the right managerial approach, there’s no reason why an Alonso-Hamilton partnership wouldn’t work these days in my opinion.

    One thing I will say, however, is that Sebastian Vettel really deserves to be in everyone’s Formula 1 dream team. It’s just that while he deserves to be there, I still believe Hamilton and Alonso is the greatest possible pairing you could have out of all 24 drivers on the grid – and that’s why I choose them.

    As for who I’d pick from any drivers not currently on the grid: Kubica circa 2010 and Sebastian Loeb.



    I would never pick Alonso, because I would always want two string drivers and he excels most when he as the full support of the team. So I’d pick Hamilton and Vettel in this circumstance.

    Not on the grid? Grosjean and Wickens ;-)



    I actually agree with MaGeoff here, I think that a Hamilton – Alonso line up would be formidable, and work-able.

    In terms of drivers currently not on the grid, I shall espouse the rather obvious Kimi Raikkonen option and instead say Dario Franchitti – fantastic racer, pity F1 will never see him. And partnering him I would put Seb Bourdais. Was he that bad? Not really, he got points on his debut in Oz, he wasn’t that far off matching Vettel at Monza if it hadn’t been for mechanical issues relegating him down the pack, and in Spa that year too, he was running highly. Big problem was that he was in the RBR development team but not coming from the RBR stable.


    Felipe Bomeny

    Kovalainen and Vettel. Quick and reliable, friendly and cool-headed.

    Not on the grid? Jean-Eric Vergne and James Hinchcliffe



    Not on the grid: Grosjean and me. It would be a disaster, but I’d enjoy it, and the fans need a truly awful driver to hate/laugh at. Failing that, Kimi and Grosjean.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’d go with Button and Rosberg. Both are as fast as they are under-rated.



    Vettel + Button on 2011 showings.

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