Which driver pairings would you want to see as team mates?

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    Ide – Schumacher

    Oh, you mean Ralf, right?



    Raikonnen – Vettel
    Alonso – Hamilton
    Webber – Button
    Massa – Schumacher



    Like Keith, I am relishing the Lotus combo this year. I find the line up really appealing.

    Perez and Kobayashi (luckily we already have this delightful combo)
    Senna and Barrichello – I was hoping to see at Williams this year!
    Hulkenberg and Hamilton.



    kimi and nigel mansell. first one to give a damn loses.



    I’d like to see Vettel and Alonso as well as Vettel and Hamilton.
    I believe that Alonso and Hamilton are probably 2 of the quickest drivers at the moment, who have proven their skills in cars which have not completely dominated the rest of the field.

    I think that Vettel is a very talented driver, however he has had the best cars so I’d like to see how he really stacks up against these two in equal machinery.

    I’d also love to see Vettel and Schumacher together in the Red Bull.
    I know it will never happen but I’d like to see Schumacher have a chance in a better car.
    Then there can be no excuses that the car doesn’t suit him and the issue of whether he still has it or is indeed too old can finally be put to bed.
    At the same time it would be interesting to see how he performs against the guy hailed as the ‘new Schumacher’ in equal machinery.

    Vettel and Rosberg in the same team would also be interesting.
    It looks as though Rosberg may be a very underrated driver and it would be great to see how he compares to Vettel as his team mate at Red Bull.

    He’s obviously done very well against Schumi but that may be due more to Schumacher getting on in years and not being at his best than Rosberg being extremely talented.
    Being able to beat Schumi in his prime would have been a very impressive feat but we just don’t know how much Schumi has lost due to his advanced age and being out of the sport for three years so I think pitting him against Vettel would be a better way to judge his skills.



    Then there can be no excuses that the car doesn’t suit him

    Why not? A fast car doesn’t mean you’re suited to it. It just means it’s fast.



    For the ultimate showdown i would like to see Alonso against Vettel.
    For some youtube style classic moments I would love to see Massa against Hamilton.
    Vettel and Schumacher would be fun, just because they get along so well.
    Button and Webber could be fun as well. I think their speed is fairly equal, but with two very different tempers. It could be a fun to see who comes out on top.
    For some comedy, bring back DC and pair him with Button.



    @mads a Vettel-Alonso partnership would go so much sweeter if their car was the absolute dominant car on the grid. That would be an absolutely titanic scrap for the title.



    Yeah it would be fantastic to see them totally unchallenged by anyone else then each other.
    It would make the fight even more intense, like when Prost and Senna drove for McLaren in the late 80’s. It was effectively a one on one showdown because their car was light years ahead of everything else.
    That would really take the fight to the next level.



    @mads I actually would prefer a titanic one-on-one showdown rather than a free-for-all a la 2010



    Vettel – Hamilton for a long long ruin would be my dream!






    Me too.
    We had a free for all in 2010 and a complete run over in 2011, so it would be great to have a one on one showdown to get some change, and it is quite a long time ago we really saw that.



    Vettel – Vergne
    Alonso – Webber
    Hamilton – Schumacher
    Button – Raikkonen



    M.Schumacher- Alonso
    Hamilton- Massa
    Kovalainen – Raikkonen

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