Which Engine Will Score Most Points in 2011?

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    Which Engine Will Score Most Points in 2011?

    I started this topic last year and everyone went for Mercedes. But will that happen again in 2011? I think it could be very close.

    Here’s a reminder of last year’s scores and this year’s contenders:


    Mercedes – 736

    Renault – 661

    Ferrari – 453

    Cosworth – 69


    Mercedes – McLaren, Mercedes, Force India

    Renault – Red Bull, Renault, Lotus

    Ferrari – Ferrari, Sauber, Toro Rosso

    Cosworth – Williams, Virgin, Hispania

    I imagine it’s going to be between Mercedes and Renault this year, but I don’t think it’s easy to predict.

    Renault engines could emerge on top if the Red Bull and Renault teams manage to stay ahead of McLaren and Mercedes respectively. Then it would come down to whether Force India score enough points to plug the gap.

    But Mercedes always have a strong hand. McLaren look like championship-contenders, the Mercedes works team will likely be close to the podiums and Force India can generally be relied upon to soak up lots of top-ten finishes.

    The Ferrari engine remains an outside candidate, the manufacturer team could yet be the top team in 2011 and Sauber and Toro Rosso have both built very good cars by their standards this year.

    Cosworth don’t stand a chance, but nonetheless they build good engines.

    What do you think?



    Mercedes give engines to 3 teams: Mercedes, McLaren, Force India.

    Ferrari give engines to 3 teams: Ferrari, Sauber and Toro Rosso.

    Renault give engines to 3 teams: Renault, Red Bull, Lotus.

    Cosworth give engines to 3 teams: Williams, Virgin HRT.

    Now look at which of the 4 groups is the best: Mercedes, then Renault, then Ferrari, then Cosworth.

    But if Sauber and Toro Rosso continue like this, we could have Ferrari higher up. If Mercedes are bad, Ferrari could overtake them. Renault is quite strong and Red Bull is the best so even though Lotus gets 0 points Renault can be on top. The fight might be close.



    It’ll depend on who wins out of Renault and Mercedes (the teams, I mean), I think. Force India probably won’t score enough points to make a huge amount of difference.



    Mercedes or Renault. it’s interesting that it’s down to themself :-D




    Red Bull will win the constructors championship, but McLaren won’t be far behind.

    Mercedes will probably outscore Renault.

    Force India will do better than Team Lotus.



    Renault (They should walk the WCC…but miracles have happened)

    Mercedes (Force India are going to let the side down this year)

    Ferrari (STR and Sauber are quick, but Mercedes should outscore them)

    Cosworth (HRT and Virgin won’t score, so Williams are on their own)



    As others have said, It will be between Renault and Mercedes engines with the placing of the factory teams determining the result. Although if Ferrari manage to beat McLaren then the Renault engine will be victorious.



    Mercedes. It has to be.

    I can see Ferrari doing better providing Sauber repeat their Melbourne finish (negating the DSQ!) and Toro Rosso keep out of trouble.



    Seeing that there is some distance between the midfield teams and Lotus, Mercedes is more likely to earn more points



    After four races:

    Renault 190

    Mercedes 135

    Ferrari 79

    Cosworth 0



    Honda, in IndyCar.



    Renault is beating Mercedes?

    It can’t be!



    That’s Red Bull for you! Plus the two Renault podiums, despite having some odd results on other days.

    Cosworth 0

    Says it all really…



    Well, Icthyes, it’s a bit unfair to put the blame for this on Cosworth. Williams, HRT and Virgin are more or less aerodynamic s***boxes – even a Mercedes wouldn’t really aid them.



    I don’t think Ichtyes was putting the blame on Cosworth. Just saying that’s most likely how it’s going to stay. And I would agree with that.

    Mercedes and McLaren together will outscore Red Bull. It will depend on how well Renault can score.

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