Which F1 Grands Prix would you like to go to the most?

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    As I was watching the Indian Grand Prix last weekend, I realised that I really wanted to be there. Well I would love to go to all races to watch them from the stands but this time the wish was particularly strong. Maybe it’s a bit irrational as India isn’t the place where I would feel very comfortable (judging by what I’ve read) but anyway I think that F1 and India make a cool combination. That again made me think about what other races I want to go to the most. What about you? Which races would you like to go to the most? Here’s my choice:

    1) British GP – I have never been to the UK so far and Silverstone is definitely a great place with a big history and a fantastic atmosphere in the stands.
    2) Malaysian GP – I really want to visit the country once. Moreover, it’s Team Lotus’ home race and I also wonder what it’s like to experience a hot and humid F1 race in the stands (it was quite cold outside both times when I was at F1 races)
    3) Australian GP – The traditional season opener and my favourite circuit, I think the atmosphere and the surroundings must be fabulous.



    Never been to one, but these I’d like to go to most: Monaco, Spa, Silverstone, Singapore, Monza, Melbourne.



    I felt the same about India, felt an urge that just wasn’t there with Korea, China, Turkey, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Singapore or Malaysia. I know I’d enjoy the experience, for the reasons Vettel has described so thoughtfully this week. The New York race will be like that too (but a bit more in my comfort zone).

    Melbourne sounds like it has a great sense of anticipation and a top quality event with loads of support races, also the atmosphere around the city, which applies to Montreal too.

    I feel a need to see Eau Rouge for myself, even if Spa sounds like a wet, overpriced and slightly run-down venue. I’ve seen (and heard) testing at Monza and even an empty track there has bags of atmosphere, so race day must be insane and wonderful.

    Monaco in theory, but I’d have to win a competition or something as a decent viewing spot would cost silly money.



    Of the places I haven’t been to yet:

    1. Monaco
    2. Spa
    3. Monza
    4. Albert Park
    5. Silverstone
    6. New Jersey

    Of the races I’ve been to, the one I want to go back to the most is Singapore. :)

    Girts, airfare aside, Malaysia is probably one of the cheapest GP weekends out there. If you plan it properly, you should be able to go and have a great time. :)



    I would love to go to them all but if had to pick one it would be Monaco.
    I would love to watch at Casino Sq. or the entrance to the swimming pool.



    Monaco, No contest.



    @journeyer Thanks for the tip, it seems then that Malaysia really isn’t an expensive country. I also once checked the hotel rates in Kuala Lumpur and was surprised by how relatively low they were, compared to e.g. German hotel rates. If I can find some good company, I’ll definitely go there sooner or later :)



    @bullfrog You definitely need to see Eau Rouge with your own eyes, the TV shots just don’t give the full impression. I always knew it was a great corner but I really fell in love with it when I was at Spa myself :)



    I’m such a fan of the sport, even though I don’t follow Ferrari, I think the atmosphere at Monza would be well worth the visit, and the lure of Eau Rouge has to be the F1 equivalent to the holy grail. And obviously I couldn’t leave out the crazy Monaco circuit, where the cars have outgrown the circuit some 30 years ago.

    1. Monza
    2. Spa
    3. Monaco

    Some honorable mentions, German GP at the nurburgring, would be a highlight for me, being a Schumi/Vettel fan… I also think the prospect of visiting the old nurburgring circuit while there would be particularly a strong draw card for me. Suzuka would be a great circuit to visit as well, watching cars go through the Spoon Curve and 180R being the highlights of that circuit. Silverstone, watching the cars go through the left right flip flops and then around Stowe…

    Notably missing from my circuits are the Tilke designed circuits, although they look impressive on paper, the lack of atmosphere at some of these events is quite a turn off. China and Abu Dhabi come to mind where the stands are empty… The Indian GP does however look like it had a good pull of fans, as well as the Korean GP… The other circuit I’d happily give a miss is the Hungarian GP… Couldn’t think of a more boring track to visit… Come on FIA, have the guts to let go of the Cigarette advertising and move away from the Hungaroring… Hell, if the FIA are so hell bent in staging a race in Hungary, get Tilke to design a new circuit or re-design Hungaroring :P



    Abu Dhabi (because it’s some place and the race is crap on tv!)

    Russia F1 2013

    It would be great to visit these venues over time, just to travel the world going to every corner – Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Far East, Near East, South America, North America and Australia – if I could go to half of the destination on that list over the next 20 years I’d be happy enough.

    I’d like to take in 1 from each continent though – so I hope Africa eventually gets a good track!



    Top 10

    1. Spa
    2. Silverstone
    3. Interlagos (been there!)
    4. Monza
    5. Melbourne
    6. Budh International
    7. Canada
    8. Hockenheim
    9. Suzuka
    10. New Jersey



    i’ll like to visit:



    Seems that Monaco is on top of the list for most fans here! I agree, it should be an unforgettable experience.



    1: Canada

    I love Canada and the races there are nearly always good ones, it has the street circuit experience married with that of a proper circuit.

    2: Austin/New jersey

    It would be great to see the first races there.

    3: Britain

    Home GP and always a good atmosphere

    4: Italy

    To experience the tifosi would be like walking into a dream and amazing even for an ex-Ferrari fan
    5: Australia

    Heard so many good things, the Aussies know how to put on a sporting show

    The rest I don’t particularly care about, especially Monaco.


    Alianora La Canta

    Of the places I haven’t been to, I’d most like to attend, in order of priority:

    – Spa. The track is legendary and I would like to get a sense of the magic from being there. Not sure where I’d want to sit – perhaps a roving ticket would work best?
    – Monza. The atmosphere makes the race and it would be a great excuse to practise my still-developing Italian. Turn 1 of the first lap with a Ferrari on pole would be something to experience…
    – Canada. Another country that embraces its race and also has a circuit worthy of the appreciation given. A seat near the final chicane, or else at Turn 2, would be my preference.
    – Suzuka. Often produces a good race and the quirkiness would be right up my street. I’m not sure where I’d sit for this one – like Spa, I’d probably want a roving ticket if possible.
    – Singapore. My best friend lives there and it would make a good combination trip. If I went there I’d definitely want to sit near Turn 10.

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