Which Grand Prix To Drop?

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    With the Korean GP last year, Indian this year, Austin next year and Russia in 2014, there are more and more GPs coming onto the calender.

    If they were all to go ahead without any GPs being dropped, there would be 22 in 2014 – not going to happen with the current Concorde Agreement, and it is highly unlikely it will go up that high in the next Concorde Agreement as the teams (sensibly) won’t allow it.

    Therefore, at least 2 will realisticlay have to be dropped, and I’m just wondering what GPs you feel shouldn’t be kept.

    Personally, I think Bahrain being dropped this year is a perfect oppourtunity to get one off, as Bahrain has bigger issues to sort out and as much as it is shame to see it go because past GPs (not 2010, maybe) have been quite good. Also, I would like to see the European GP dropped, no matter which track it is. I think it is unfair to have more than one GP in each country and so it seems a prime opporutunity to drop one, and just have the Spanish GP at Catalunya.

    I am aware that they have a few more years on their contracts, but just ignore that :-)

    Sorry if this is a repeat, I did have a look and couldn’t see anything too similar!



    I’d be inclined to say Bahrain also.



    This is on a matter of personal choices?

    Id drop Bahrain, Abu Dabi and Valencia (Eurpean GP) in a heartbeat and look at speaking to the French about bringing back the French GP. That leaves 2 spots for Austin & Russia


    Nic Morley

    Baharain Grand Prix

    Europeon Grand Prix

    Chinese Grand Prix

    Hungarian Grand Prix

    Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

    Though Bahrain and Europeopn would be the ones to gof first.


    Ned Flanders

    Ideally, I’d love to see the back of any one of the soulless, poorly attended, boring, government sponsored GP’s held on Tilkedrome’s. India hasn’t even had a race so I’ll give it a chance. Turkey, Korea and Malaysia have decent layouts, so I’ll save them from the chop. Abu Dhabi and Valencia may be boring circuits, but at least the trackside surroundings are interesting, so I’d keep them too. That leaves Shanghai, the most soulless Tilkedrome of them all, and Bahrain, which is just a ridiculous GP. How can such a tiny country justify a Grand Prix?? So, sayonara Sakhir and Shanghai

    Except, of course, these circuits have long term contracts and they satisfy Ecclestone’s craving for cash. If two circuits are to go, I think one would likely be Valencia, because Spain doesn’t really need two races these days, and maybe Spa or the Nurburgring, because they make heavy losses.



    I can’t understand why everyone hates Valencia more than Catalunya. Catalunya’s races tend to be FAR less eventful and much more non-conducive to passing than Valencia. If anything, the Spanish GP should get the chop and be moved to the Valencia street circuit. That would be my vote.

    Bahrain would be another obvious one I’d like to see go as well as Hungary.



    Valencia is better, but only marginally. Sector 3 there is lovely and fast. Catalunya never really gets going for me. Out of the two, i’d ditch Catalunya, but we’ve had this argument so many times before!


    Well, I’ve already decided to drop Suzuka, as I wasn’t able to make it that weekend. (Arf, arf)


    Stephen Jones

    -Magffrey – i see what you did there!

    but yeah.. i’d drop china if it wasn’t for the “supposedly” massive economic benefits the race holds.

    Bahrain seems kinda useless (no offense)

    I’d drop Turkey if it wasn’t an awesome track.

    Hockenheim Bores me, but Nurburgering is fun

    Valencia should go. the track (bar sector 3) is boring.

    but yeah, i actually like more races.. the more the better i say!



    Europe in Valencia.


    Abu Dhabi.



    In any case I’d drop Turkey. Face it, guys, with maybe (and that is a big maybe) 2010 as an exception, every race there has been mediocre or worse. There is no Tilkedrome with a worse “statistic” in this regard. Then one of the Spanish races will have to pass and I for my part would drop Barcelona. And to follow the Rule Of Three, I’d go with a possible candidate for dropping out soon: Australia. As much as I don’t like it, it will come down to it.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    First of all, I wouldn’t drop any races. I’d fix the calendar at twenty events, and make the following ten permanent:

    Australia, Monaco, Canada, Great Britain, Belgium, Italy, Japan, India and Brazil.

    As for the other ten events, I would do what the WRC does and alternate them from year to year. Races that are (geographically) close together – like Korea and China, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain – would be twinned so they alternate between one another. Of course, this would require an extra ten events. Probably the following:

    Russia/Bugaria, America/Mexico, Argentina/Venezuela, Germany/Hungary, Korea/China, Abu Dhabi/Bahrain, Spain/Portugal, Malaysia/Singapore, with South Africa and France also being twinned despite being so far apart. And for the final pairing, maybe Turkey and Israel – but it would depend on Israel, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi allowing drivers and teams into their home countries to compete despite having been to the others. But while relations between, say, Israel and Iran are pretty poor, they seem to get along quite well with the Jordanians, so maybe they feel the same way about Bahrain and Abu Dhabi.



    I like your thinking PM, though maybe not a permanent Indian GP just yet! I’d have Germany, considering their presence in motorsport nowadays (Mercedes supplying two teams and owning one, many German drivers)


    Keith Collantine

    Bahrain and Europe were least popular last year:

    Which races should Ecclestone cut?


    Dan Thorn

    PM’s thinking is sound – the only problem is would the organisers of the rotating events be willing to pay the fees for one race every two years? It would require some kind of price concession on Bernie’s end…

    As for which GP’s I’d drop…Hmmmm. Definitely Barcelona – Its merits as a testing venue far outweigh its merits as a race venue. Valencia is also much more interesting and has beautiful surroundings.

    As for the second one I’d drop Abu Dhabi. Every track on the calendar has something good going for it, except Abu Dhabi. There is nothing interesting about it whatsoever, the track is boring, the racing is boring…

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