Which top teams will switch focus to 2014?

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    As we all know there are massive regulation changes for next season; i would say apart from the top 4 teams, pretty much every other team will have started focus on next years cars. However its fascinating as to when the top teams will shift majority of efforts to next season. I think Ferrari and Lotus will soon switch focus to 2014 and we may be left with only Mercs and RBR continuing developing this yrs cars as these two teams will probably end up fighting for the titles.



    I think Ferrari will switch to focus on 2014, if they are not able to compete in Spa and Monza (And by that I mean close the gap to Vettel). Lotus will probably continue trying to get Kimi the title.

    McLaren will definitely have moved the focus, and if they haven’t, then I’d be very surprised. Williams must have as well, given their dreadful start to this year, and possibly Sauber as their finances may not have allowed too many upgrades for this year. To be honest, aside from the top four teams, it’s hard to name anyone who won’t have. Surely with such regulations, it would be ideal to put as much focus as possible on it. I’d say maybe Force India will continue with this year in hopes of staying in front of McLaren.



    Everybody but RBR, Mercedes and Lotus.


    Iestyn Davies

    Those that continue on 2013 must have parallel focus or be hit like Ferrari and McLaren in 2008-9. McLaren pushed so hard for the 2008 title that their car in 2009 stank for half the season and they basically redid the 2009 car after the first few races.

    Caterham ->2014 since late 2012, now half half development it looks like.
    FI – Should change to 2014 now and just try and make 2013 car work on the old tyres/circuit tweaks
    Same for Ferrari, Marussia, Toro Rosso,

    I have a feeling RBR, Lotus, Merc, McLaren, Ferrari will all try and continue 2013 to late alongside a growing 2014 project, they have enough people to do that, same with Ferrari (Byrne/Allison focussed on 2014 project). Sauber and Williams should make sure their 2014 cars don’t bomb like their 2013 revisions, same with McLaren.

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