Which past drivers do the current drivers remind you of?

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    Hey folks. Out of all the current drivers, who does each of them remind you of, in terms of past F1 characters, deceased or retired? Some may even remind you of a younger version of another current driver. Who, and more importantly, why?

    For myself, I only really watched F1 full time since 1998 – and so I don’t have much on that, but here’s my list:

    Hakkinen and McLaren-spec Raikkonen in a way. Mega fast and would always surprise you in qualifying; and in the races their pace would be devastatingly consistent too. Usually.

    Patrese; because Patrese at first just believed that Mansell had a better car, and in the end after a chassis swap kind of accepted that maybe his teammate had more talent… which sad to say seems to be what is happening to Mark now. Also reminds me of J Villeneuve in a way – only won when the car was the clear fastest. (Not saying Mark can’t win otherwise; but all his victories have been when the car has been the undisputed fastest; often with massive lap time advantages)

    Mansell. He is probably undoubtedly the new “il Leone,” who just pulls overtakes into every corner. Or tries to anyways. He tried to sneak one on the inside of JB in Turn 8 Turkey this year…

    His thinking nature kind of reminds you of Prost in a way – without the kind of ruthlessness.

    Prost again. Calculating, thinking, ruthless on and off track.

    Kind of reminds me of the old Coulthard now to be honest. I don’t know why.

    Brundle – a talent that was never fulfilled with a victory. Having said that I also feel he’s kind of like Webber post 2008 – overrated by beating a wealth of also-ran teammates

    Ooh. This one’s a tough one. Not sure. Honestly.

    He comes across like he will be the next F1 safety champion like Sir Jackie; but in a bad way as he seems to be going more about it not in terms of pro-safety, but more whiny. In a post-retirement Irvine sort of way.

    Not sure

    Again – another Brundle.

    di Resta
    He kind of reminds me of 2007 Hamilton in that he comes across as being a prima donna to me at times; a bit cocky too.

    Mansell. Again. :P

    2004 JB. Always seems under the radar but is just quietly getting results.

    Sato. Not sure why.

    Old Coulthard. Rubbish qualifier, good racer.

    Reminds me of Panis nowadays. Seems to be only of any good in Monaco. Also due to both of them having their only win in Monaco in such dominant fashion with almost a champion-worthy drive.

    Not sure who; but seems to be the new happy choppy of F1 who can’t quite be fazed by anything

    Frentzen – in the right car I feel would be a winner and champion.

    Not sure who

    I really don’t know who this can be.

    Alex Yoong – in F1 to fill the grid

    What are your 24? :D



    D’Ambrosio – Francois Cevert. It’s crazy how similar they look.
    Ricciardo – Vettel. Red Bull driver getting into F1 via Formula Renault 3.5, always smiling, nice and fast.



    Now that you mention Cevert the likeness is astonishing. Interesting take on that Ricciardo one :D


    Mark Giles

    Vettel definatly like Raikkonen…until he starts cheating to win races in a lesser car, then he’ll obviously have a direct comparison to his fellow German! :p his cheeky smile wont let him get away with things forever.



    I think you’re right about Massa. On his day he could beat the lot and in great style like Massa of 08.

    I’ve always thought Ham was more like Mansell despite inevitable comparisons to Senna too.

    Glock reminds me of a slow JV. Seemed to be up and coming but made a bad switch and it all went pear-shaped.

    I think you’re right about Webber or Irvine- quick to talk to the media and say whatever comes to his head but thoroughly trounced by a top rate team mate.


    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    I think that drivers shouldn’t really compare themselves to those of a previous generation. Was it Vettel who said he didn’t want to be the new Schumacher but the new Vettel. Stuff like Hamilton comparing him and Alonso to Senna and Prost is just silly to me.

    In spite of this, I think its great fun :D

    Hamilton reminds me a bit of Montoya on a good day. Very fast, aggressive, more inconsistent this season. However he won a title and Montoya didn’t :(



    Ah yes – Juan Mansell and Hamilton are all of that same ilk…



    @raymondu99 – just out of interest why do you think Di Resta is a prima donna. I honestly find him to be a shy guy who doesn’t really like media attention but does his best to be accommodating at least to the cameras.

    Button is becoming like Niki Lauda I think more than Prost, doesn’t have the fastest one lap pace but his race craft is second to none.



    Vettel = Schumacher
    Dominant early in his career. Won his first title after only 3.5 years in f1. He’s also a very dirty driver (aka Suzuka 2011 -> Adelaida 1994) and teammorders (Austria 2002 -> Britian 2011)

    Webber = Barrichello
    Long time without a win, then he finally wins one, then wins several GP’s in a dominant car, inferior to his teammate.

    Alonso = Prost

    Massa = Ralf Schumacher
    Crashes a lot early in his career. Very good a few years later. Then had a horrifying crash (USA 2004 -> Hungary 2009) and was never the same again, nor did he win another race.

    Hamilton = Nigel Mansell

    Button = Nelson Piquet (senior, not junior!)

    Rosberg = Mika Hakkinen
    Long time without a win, when he finally gets a winning car he’ll be hard to stop I reckon.

    Kubica = Didier Pironi
    Great driver who’s career ended in a health and life threatening crash.

    Bruno Senna = Fittipaldi, never lived up to the hype of his father’s name.



    @kingshark do you mean Christian Fittipaldi? He wasn’t the son of Emerson, he was his nephew. Wilson, his Dad, did drive in F1, but wasn’t all that successful. He also owned half of the Fittipaldi team with his brother.



    Slightly off topic but Button sometimes reminds me of Chris Martin…



    @stretch I thought I was the only one. How many times have I not heard “Oh take me back to the start” when I’ve seen his face appear…



    Come to think of it, Montoya also falls in the same category as Hamilton/Mansell



    I think Ed Sheeran looks a bit like Raikkonen… and they’re both obviously very talented, but I wouldn’t want to listen to either of them.

    Michael Schumacher and Graham Hill? (in terms of going on far too long)

    and I hope we see Robert Kubica again, otherwise sadly there’ll be parallels with Nannini – a popular, laid back guy who would surely have gone on to win more than one Grand Prix.



    Interesting topic….

    Alonso : Prost with a bit of Mansell Calculating yet able to pull some great passes! Monaco 2010, Spain 2011
    Hamilton : G. Villeneuve, ballsy but is very hit/miss in his driving… very talented though.

    As for the rest of the grid… I´d have to sit down and really start thinking…

    I must say… Paul di Resta is far from Prima Donna stuff! Met him at Spain 2011 and I must say he was VERY down to earth and almost humble! Same as Petrov!! And if you guys wanna have a prima donna then look at rosberg!! Now he really does act like one!

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