Who will win which races?

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    This is a very interesting question, however we know very little so far other than :-
    Mercedes engines appear to be good, but certainly not bulletproof
    Renault and Red Bull in particular appear to have PU issues
    But who is really fast?
    Who has tyre wear issues or even if there will be tyre wear issues?
    Who will even finish the race distance in Melbourne?
    Will we even have ten finishers?
    The winner in Melbourne could be a driver and/or tem that has never won before….Bottas? Hulk? Magnussen?
    Its a crap shoot and the renault teams seem to have one die!!



    This a a very conservative prediction with only previous top team winners:

    Australia: Button
    Malaysia: Alonso
    China: Rosberg
    Bahrain: Raikkonen
    Spain: Alonso
    Monaco: Raikkonen
    Canada: Hamilton
    Austria: Vettel
    Great Britain: Hamilton
    Germany: Alonso
    Hungary: Hamilton
    Belgium: Raikkonen
    Italy: Alonso
    Singapore: Vettel
    Japan: Raikkonen
    Russia: Rosberg
    USA: Hamilton
    Brazil: Vettel
    Abu Dhabi: Rosberg

    Here’s a little more radical one:

    Australia: Raikkonen – Just like last time with Ferrari, he will win the first race.
    Malaysia: Alonso – He won here in 2012, why not in 2014 too?
    China: Rosberg – Another win in China, wouldn’t hurt Rosberg.
    Bahrain: Raikkonen – Two second places in the last two races and with Vettel not looking like he can be ahead this time, it’s time for Raikkonen to win here.
    Spain: Alonso – It’s his home GP, let him win it.
    Monaco: Massa – Why not a win for Massa after all those years at Ferrari after his injury without one.
    Canada: Hamilton – Hamilton has always been good in Canada.
    Austria: Magnussen – The McLaren rookie deserves at least one victory.
    Great Britain: Button – If his team mate can win, so can he.
    Germany: Hulkenberg – Home victory for Hulkenberg? Why not? He deserves it.
    Hungary: Hamilton – Another track, Hamilton has always been good at.
    Belgium: Raikkonen – He is the King of Spa, no other possible winner here.
    Italy: Rosberg – The Mercedes is the best engine, so it should be good on a straight line and who is better at mastering it than Mercedes themselves?
    Singapore: Grosjean – He was good here last year, until his car broke, he deserves this one.
    Japan: Rosberg – Two wins is not enough for Rosberg, he needs three.
    Russia: Vettel – Just give Red Bull at least one victory.
    USA: Hamilton – Another win for Hamilton here.
    Brazil: Bottas – Wet race, and back in GP3 people said that he is like Senna in the rain, so why not?
    Abu Dhabi: Raikkonen – He is going to repeat his 2012 trick and get the double points.



    AUS – L Hamilton
    MAL – L Hamilton
    BHR – F Alonso
    CHN – N Rosberg
    ESP – K Raikkonen
    MON – L Hamilton
    CAN – S Vettel
    AUT – S Vettel
    GBR – J Button
    GER – K Magnussen
    HUN – S Vettel
    BEL – K Raikkonen
    ITA – L Hamilton
    SIN – F Alonso
    JPN – S Vettel
    RUS – D Ricciardo
    USA – S Vettel
    BRA – S Vettel
    ABU – S Vettel

    WDC – S Vettel
    WCC – Red Bull



    You seem to think that RB will have a large advantage. Why?
    They have issues with compact packaging, engines and ERS.
    It seems that may RB may take a while to sort these problems.
    Doubtless they will get stronger through the season and take a few wins and poles. But surely Mercedes and Ferrari will be far enough ahead at the start of the season to stay ahead.



    Having seen all of testing it’s time to have another go!

    Great Britain:Hamilton
    Abu Dhabi:Vettel



    I know it’s a bit late and the season has started but I’ll have another go, as my first three predictions have all been wrong!

    Australia: Rosberg
    Malaysia: Hamilton
    Bahrain: Hamilton

    China: Rosberg
    Spain: Hamilton
    Monaco: Rosberg
    Canada: Hamilton
    Austria: Hulkenberg
    Great Britain: Hamilton
    Germany: Rosberg
    Hungary: Ricciardo
    Belgium: Rosberg
    Italy: Alonso
    Singapore: Hamilton
    Japan: Vettel
    Russia: Magnussen
    USA: Hamilton
    Brazil: Massa
    Abu Dhabi: Rosberg

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