Who Would You Like To See in F1?

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    Felipe Bomeny

    There are many promising lower-series racers who have never graduated into F1 that did come close, and there are young drivers currently dominating their own series that I would eventually like to see make it into F1.

    I think Neel Jani, who has been F1 testing since 2002, and Alvaro Parente, ex-Virgin reserve, do deserve an F1 drive due to their performances in each of the series they raced in. I would also like to see Filippi, who had solid performances in AutoGP and GP2, along woth testing with Honda, should get a drive, along with Paffet and di Resta. These pilots are all ready for F1 in my opinion.

    In the other subcategory of this topic, which is young drivers doing well in lower tier series but not ready for F1 like the ones mentioned above are Yuji Kunimoto, Jean Eric Vergne, Daniel Ricciardo, Mikhail Aleshin, Kazim Howeveryouspellhislastnamebecauseidontknow, and Esteban Gutierrez. I know for sure Maldonado will get a drive in F1 for 2011, and so might Perez.



    Being Australian I would really like to see Daniel Ricciardo make it and I would like to see Will Power go over and try in Europe. Two other drivers I have also taken notice of is Jolyon Palmer and Dean Stoneman from the Formula 2 series. I think they look pretty good.


    Ned Flanders

    I think of the young drivers in other series’ at the moment, Jules Bianchi, Paul di Resta and Daniel Ricciardo are three of those most likely to make the successful step up to F1. Not neccessarily because they’re good enough (although they probably are), but because they have the support of Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull respectively.



    These are the four young drivers who I expect one day to become successful F1 pilots:

    Daniel Ricciardo – no doubt about it, probably ready for F1 right now. Would have been perfect candidate for Toro Rosso seat, but now I expect he will replace Webber in 2012. I’d like to see him have a go at GP2 next year although that doesn’t seem to be one of Red Bull’s preferred feeder series, so expect he might just ramp up test/reserve duties.

    Esteban Guerrieri and Esteban Gutierrez – two excellent and easy to confuse drivers! Both have shown not just speed but also consistency to draw attention of F1 teams.

    Dean Stoneman – I’ve only seen him in F2 and his career is still in the early stages, but so far all the indicators are of an excellent driver.



    Bianchi in the future. No point in rushing him although they can’t now anyway with his back injury. I would definitely like to see him in one day though.

    I like Sam Bird too.


    Gary P but it won’t happen.

    I’m not a fan of Paul di R but he has talent and he’s wasted in DTM I think.



    I would argue in some respects PDR is in F1 but anyway, I’d like to see him in a race seat.

    Surely Parfett deserves a shot in a race seat too? I wouldn’t mind seeing Andy Soucek have a shot, just to see what he’s really made of.



    M Shumacher has tried it and there are a list of others (cant think at the mom names) but the return of the flyin finn mika pauli hakkinen. He had a stint in DTM with Mercedes, but that ended. When Ron builds his own engine and replaces the mercedes. It would be good for the finn to return. Look at the publicity mercedes get with Shumacher`s return – most days mercedes gp are in the news.

    Ron could follow this example for publicity !!!!




    I like the idea of Will Power in F1. He is doing great on the indy road courses!


    Felipe Bomeny

    Yes, Will Power can definitely win the IRL series this year. Montagny deserves another shot, too, in my opinion. I agree with SoLiDG and Macca, Will Power should race in F1. What about Danica Patrick for Virgin, where Richard Branson wanted a female racer?

    Talking about IndyCar and test drivers, I found out that Paul di Resta is Dario Franchitti’s cousin. No wonder both are Scots with Italian last names…



    I would like to see Pastor Maldonado, he has already plenty GP2 experience and he has that aggressive driving style (Montoya like…) to produce good racing, also Gary Paffet, I think he has learned a lot at mclaren, I’d like to see him in a midfield team, maybe in a Williams or a Toro Rosso




    It would be great for Hakkinen to return, however a couple of years ago, I think he had a test with Mclaren and was several seconds off the normal pace, as opposed to Schumacher’s half a second (?) or so almost all season off Rosberg. And Schumacher isn’t performing well at all at the moment.



    Maldonado for sure make his way in F1 in the future given the fact that he is backed by sponsor. There are many drivers out there, but Di Resta is looking promising for Force India if they remove Luizzi from their list.


    Felipe Bomeny

    Liuzzi already has a 2011 contract, so if Sutil can land a seat at Renault or Mercedes, di Resta will get the seat.

    What about Grosjean? Keith wrote that fantastic article on him not too long ago.

    What do you think about Loeb and Rossi getting F1 drives?

    Markus Winkelhock!



    Loeb would get blown away and be out of the sport within a year. As for Rossi, who knows.



    Jules Bianchi, Sam Bird, Will Power, Ryan Hunter-reay, Sergio Perez, Kazim Vasiliauskas, Joylon Palmer, Benjamin Bailly, Daniel Ricciardo, Dean Stoneman.

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