Who's currently the worst driver in F1?

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    There have always been many discussion as to who is the best driver in formula one, but it’s also interesting to look at the other part – who is the worst of the 24?

    The answer to that one might have been very easy in the first part of the season, but it’s a bit more complicated right now – I can’t decide who it is.

    Could be D’Ambrosio, though he is a rookie and he is doing a good job compared to Glock. Could be Liuzzi as well, but is he really the worst?

    Really hard to say…



    well technically Narain is still in F1 so its him



    Not sure it is that hard to say.

    Maldonado, without a shadow of a doubt for me. For a huge variety of reasons.


    Tom L.

    Karthikeyan and Chandhok have shown that they are in F1 more because of their nationality than because they’re among the world’s 24 best drivers.

    D’Ambrosio is hard to judge, it’s another case of Di Grassi syndrome… but he’s been battling with the HRTs a bit too often this year and not enough with Glock.

    Liuzzi has had a solid season as far as I’m concerned, the accident in Monza aside. He’s challenged the Virgins on a number of occasions in a slower car, and held it all together to get a P13 when the opportunity arose.



    Put them all in the same car and run an extensive test and we might find out!

    Maldonado had a phase this season where his qualifying was really good. But in the race he’s never impressed so I’d understand why someone would say him.

    It’s pretty hard to pinpoint this sort of thing though – imagine if Webber was in a HRT, or Glock in a Ferrari, for example.



    Liuzzi is by far the worst driver.

    Then comes Trulli I think..



    Unlike Glock in a good car you don’t have to imagine Webber in a poor car.

    But yes, to identify the worst driver is difficult and pretty much subjective, the car does play such a huge role.


    Felipe Bomeny

    D’ambrosio; I feel as if Di Grassi did a better job.



    Glock was in a very good car in early 2009 though



    Yes, the Toyota from 2009 was a great car



    My vote goes to Karthikeyan and D’Ambrosio.

    Karthikeyan isn’t really around anymore so I guess it falls on Jerome.

    D’Ambrosio is always way off Glock’s pace and I think together with Karthikeyan he is the only driver to be outqualified by his teammate in every race this year.

    He has done absolutely nothing to impress or prove he has any talent.

    There are many other drivers far more deserving of a race seat.

    Liuzzi isn’t all that great and I think Trulli is just really battling with the Lotus.

    Trulli used to have such pace in qualifying.

    I remember how well he was performing against Alonso in 2004 – back then I rated him highly and thought he would go far …… but it was not to be.

    Although he’s far from the worst, Webbers driving has failed to impress me this year.

    We saw a very different Webber in ‘109 – he came close to winning the championship and was right up there with Seb in terms of his speed.

    I don’t know whats happened to him this year but the way he’s being outperformed by Seb is unacceptable.

    To be utterly humiliated at every single qualifying session and race by your team-mate is not what you expect from a driver at that level.

    It’s like he has no fire in him.

    The RB7 is clearly the best car and if only one car was competing with Webber in it, Red Bull wouldn’t even be winning the championship.

    Massa is another one that’s not performing to expectations either.

    When your team mate gives you beating after beating it’s time to ask some questions of yourself.



    @pinkmaggit While your comments are entirely fair, Vettel has, obviously, dominated Webber, I do feel there are issues at Red Bull that have hindered him; the broken chassis for the first 3 races, the KERS failures, (considerably more than Vettel), the lost of vital sessions, the fact the car has been designed around Vettel and getting the balance right with the new tyres.

    And Webber did out qualify his team mate 3 times this year, so not the worst record.

    And no, I’m not suggesting an Austrian conspiracy, that’s just how the year has gone.



    I want to say Maldonado, but he’s been doing a comparable job to Barry this season and seems to have cut out a lot of the mistakes that he was doing early on.

    D’Ambrosio is in what I think is the worst team at the moment (yes, worse than HRT), so it’s difficult to judge him, but as they say no news is good news, and we haven’t seen much of him this year.

    Massa would probably be my choice. As an experienced driver he has no excuse for the errors he’s made this year, many times he’s finished well below what the car was capable of and so often he falls back due to bad luck, but then makes no headway. He might not be the least skilled driver on the grid but I think his performance is lowest relative to where he should be.



    Maldonaldo has been by far the worse driver in my opinion. Pretty much anybody slower than Barrichello is not good enough for formula 1.



    Back from holidays!

    I say Lewis Hamilton…. Ho! Ho! Ho! ;-) </takingthemickey>

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