Who’s your second driver?

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    We all have our favourite driver to follow, but when all doesnt go well (or if locked in another battle) I was wondering who are peoples next favourite?

    I am a Webber fan but if things dont well for him in a race I certainly dont go for Seb. Riccardio is my second, but as not yet in contention will follow Jenson or Alonso for a win, rather that Lewis, Seb or Kimi.

    So name your favourite driver and your second favourite- It will be interesting to see how many are not team-mates (driver loyal) and others team-mates (Team loyal)!!


    Aish Heydrich

    Actually Seb would be my second guy, I’m a Kimi fan. I used to dislike Alonso a lot, not so much anymore though but I still don’t want him to win championships.

    I like Webber a lot, a true champ in my opinion. But he is a victim of F1 politics. He should have had at least 1 championship. As much as I like Vettel, I hate it when he is running just behind Webber and the Team Radio says, “If he wants to overtake, don’t fight him.” or just plain, “Box box box.”


    Ryan Williams

    Whilst I support Felipe Massa, I often found myself cheering on Fernando last year too. It was the same when I was a Schumacher fan for many years, often supporting his team-mate too. I guess you could say I’m more of a Ferrari fan than a driver-specific fan, but I’ve always had a favourite driver within the team.

    I also support drivers like Perez & Bianchi, who I’ve followed up the junior formulae ranks



    1st: Kimi
    2nd: Bottas



    In my best of all possible worlds, Vettel would win EVERY race. However, if things go wrong for him, I certainly don’t go for Webber. Raikkonen is my number 2 driver.

    In that sense, I am no longer “team loyal,” although I used to be. I used to root for both Vettel and Webber, and I was very happy to see one do well if the other couldn’t. That state of affairs didn’t survive the 2010 season.

    Also, later, Raikkonen came back. :-)



    Well, as to who is my favorite, just take a look at my avatar and with regards to who is my second driver… I would have to say Lewis…. The funny thing is I hated Lewis for 2007 as I hated Alonso back in 2005 and 2006 because I was a Huge Schumi fan but… I respect both their abilities… Alonso took down the big man of the sport and Lewis well, just until recently did I start admiring his driving style since it took me a while to get over 2008…. but yeah… when Alonso retires… I´ll be rooting for HAM



    My list of drivers should be like this, but as I’m a Ferrari supporter I’d like Alonso to do better than I’d like him to do if he were somehwere else. I also support Sauber but I support their drivers anyway.
    1. Massa
    2. Hulkenberg
    3. Gutierrez
    4. Raikkonen
    5. Bottas
    6. Vergne
    7. Bianchi
    8. Perez
    9. Rosberg
    10. Button
    11. Alonso
    12. Webber
    13. Grosjean
    14. Ricciardo
    15. Hamilton
    16. Vettel
    17. di Resta
    18. Sutil
    19. Maldonado
    20. Pic
    21. van der Garde
    22. Chilton

    And here’s my teams’ list:
    1. Ferrari
    2. Sauber
    3. Toro Rosso
    4. Lotus
    5. McLaren
    6. Force India
    7. Williams
    8. Marussia
    9. Caterham
    10. Red Bull
    11. Mercedes



    1. Αlonso
    2. Raikkonen
    3. Hulkenberg
    4. Bianchi
    5. Massa
    6. Button
    7. Rosberg
    8. Perez
    9. Webber
    10. Gutierrez
    11. di Resta

    1. Ferrari
    2. Sauber
    3. Lotus
    4. Williams
    5. Caterham
    6. McLaren
    7. Force India
    8. Marussia
    9. Mercedes
    10. Toro Rosso
    11. Red Bull



    Alonso always first

    Kubica used to be my second.. but now I’m back to Kimi as my 2nd favourite. Folowed closely by the Hulk and Sutil



    That’s quite a challenging question. I usually want Alonso to win races as he is my favorite racer at the moment, but sometimes I might go after an underdog. Here is a small list:

    1. Alonso
    2. Sutil
    3. Hulkenburg
    4. Massa
    5. Webber/Rosberg/Hamilton

    It’s hard to tell, it all depends on the situation.



    I’m a car fan not a driver fan. So i want always the red cars to win (i support both them 50/50) with any driver…anyway i don’t have prefered drivers…but in my personal opinion and based on their skills and talent i rate them like this:
    1 Alonso
    2 Hamilton
    3 Hulkenberg

    so Alonso and Massa are my favorite drivers by default…but if they are out of contention i want Hamilton and hulkenberg to win as the most talented drivers from the remaining 20.



    1 Raikkonen
    2 Hamilton

    While Kimi was away it would have been Webber 2nd.



    For me, I’ve always been a driver fan, as opposed to a team fan. But my undisputed number one, is Jenson Button. So for a long time, I was a Honda fan, and of course Brawn, which as a result, has left me with a soft spot for the Mercedes team, but when Button moved to McLaren, I quickly became a McLaren fan (despite having hated them for the past…however long).

    As for my number 2, I think it depends on the race really. A lot of the time, based on last year it was Perez, just because I liked him as a guy, and a driver, as well as Sauber being a genuinely likeable team. Interestingly, I had both Button and Perez in my mind as my ‘dream team’. But also I really like and respect Alonso, so I do find myself supporting him in races as well.

    I was never a big fan of Raikkonen, but I liked him a bit more during the 2012 season, and so I was cheering him on at times, like Bahrain, and Abu Dhabi (even before Hamilton went out).

    So yeah, my drivers are:
    1. Button
    2. Perez
    3. Alonso

    Teams are generally:
    1. McLaren (Because of their drivers)
    2. Sauber (Just a genuinely likeable team)
    3. Ferrari (For all the years I supported them throughout 2000-2008)

    What’s odd is that I think Vettel is a great, funny person, and as much as I think he has done well in the past three years, I just can’t bring myself to support him. In interviews, he seems genuinely nice, but…I just don’t know. Is it the team, or the driver? If Button joined Red Bull, then I would support them, but…I don’t know, it’s very confusing!



    Well, i’ve always been a Vettel and Kobayashi fan. However, since Kobayashi isn’t in F1 this year, my second favourite after Vettel would have to be Raikkonen. As for teams i’ve always been a Sauber fan, especially the last couple of years with Kobayashi driving for them.



    For me it’s
    1. Hamilton
    2. Webber

    When it comes to cheering for the race winner, 2013 could be a tough year for me if, for instance, Vettel, Button, and Alonso divide the lion’s share of the wins. The testing form of Mercedes has given plenty of cause for optimism, but I don’t think even the most ardent believers feel that more than a couple of wins are on the cards.

    I support other drivers, too, but Ricciardo, Hulkenberg, Bottas, Grosjean, and Van der Garde are not likely to be challenging for race wins on a regular basis.

    On the topic of Vettel, I am completely with @jamiefranklinf1; I respect him and his abilities, and he’s a funny, intelligent guy. I just don’t enjoy it when he wins…

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