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    Prisoner Monkeys

    Thank you. My Russian isn’t nearly good enough to read that, so no wonder I couldn’t find it.

    After running it through Google Translate, I have to say it really endeared me to Kvyat. I really like his reason for picking #26 – it means nothing to him. Where everyone else has been picking numbers that have been meaningful to them in the past, Kvyat wants a number that will be meaningful to him in the future.



    Thanks for the additional reference on Kvyat.

    This makes the list even longer:


    I did include Hamilton although not officially confirmed. What @prisoner-monkeys said and what I found on the web about it recently, I’m 99% sure of it as well.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’ve heard rumours that Hulkenberg wants #99 … but I have also heard that he wants to keep his 2013 number, which would be #11.



    all these numbers are so low. why do only hamilton and bottas go higher than 30?



    I guess because most drivers choose either a birthday (1-31) or a number with which they raced before (because most championships hand out numbers starting with 1 and up to the number of competitors – say between 20 and 30 – this means that this also produces low numbers).



    Haha, I just thought the same as @rigi and as Prisoner Monkeys a page earlier.

    However, I’m sure the milieu around the institution of own numbers will eventually grow strong without them choosing high numbers either. I don’t know how much time will it take though, could be years. On the long-run it is one of the best idea implemented recently (funny how it was adopted along with one of the worst ever, the double points one, on the exact same day). Fanbase growth, better recognizable drivers, simplified team radio (‘the twenty-five held me up’), if clever, FOM could also revamp its on-screen graphics a bit to accomodate and emphasise the changes. A whole strategy could be applied to this idea alone – still, I’ve got that sinking feeling that things are just going to go on their own, kind of ‘fragmented’ way without the above cohesion, as they used to in F1.

    It’s still a great thing.



    @atticus-2 – Totally agree. Numbers have been competely pointless for a few years now. They might as well have got rid of them as no-one knew what anyone’s number was and al the computerised systems used are just as capable of saying “HAM” as they are saying “Car 10” which Hamilton apparently was last year.

    Changing the numbers to something the driver will embrace and use to promote themselves is a great idea though.

    I’m surprised by the picks so far though. Frankly, as they’ve all gone for lowish numbers, they aren’t really that memorable compared to the high ones. You’re not going to stand out with number 12 however, in a marketing sense, everyone will remember who 99 is. I’m surprised more haven’t gone for that. As an example, without looking at back at the current list, I bet you remember who 77 is but at least have to think about who picked 8.



    I wonder if someone will pick #2.

    My whole enthusiasm for the own numbers stems from me becoming a huge NASCAR fan at around August-October 2012 and my favourite driver is Brad Keselowski of the #2 Ford Fusion.

    I can come up with a pretty good argument against using #2 in the ultra-competitive world of Formula 1: there’s the saying that if you finish 2nd, you’re the first to lose…

    In NASCAR, however, the #2 has a huge tradition via the accomplishments of Rusty Wallace in the Blue Deuce, so it’s different over there.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    If they pick it, it will be because it’s significant to them. I doubt the argument against it that you outlined would be an issue.

    But there’s still nine drivers to confirm their choices and the possibility of drivers doubling up and someone getting their second choice, so there is plenty of potential for someone to get #2.



    Eventually maybe it will become like motoGP, everyone knows who yellow number 46 is. A lot of people will be familiar also with the red 58 tribute stickers a few years ago. And soon the number 93 will be pretty recognised in that world….. to be fair after a few years you will remember most peoples numbers. In motoGP I know that pedrosa is 28, bradl is 6, 99 is lorenzo, 69 is hayden, 8 is colin edwards, 93 is marquez, I even remember a few from the past, 3 being biaggi, 7 checca and 42 toseland. So im sure if a driver makes an impression either on you for his driving, or because of his marketing then you will remember it whether its 6 or 69.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Hopefully we’ll know soon enough. This year has been a bit funny, because the New Year has fallen in the middle of the week, so it’s been very quiet of late, and what has happened has been overshadowed by Schumacher’s accident. I’m not expecting anything – on any front, not just the entry list – until next week.



    @mike-e Isn’t Pedrosa 26 and Edwards 5? So much for recognizing and remembering numbers :p


    Iestyn Davies

    I like most of the picks so far. That we will have 25 and 26 (the old Ligier) together as a team fronted by a Frenchman is nice. Raikkonen and Grosjean ironically having the old system’s 2014 Lotus numbers are also lolworthy in a kind of “this is what you could have had, if you paid Kimi” way. As the system beds in and drivers can choose ‘career numbers’, we’ll see more high numbers like 93 for Marquez. I might choose 89 for myself, if not an iconic number like 7 (birthday) for example. I like 25-26-27 being Vergne, Kvyat, Bianchi, all upcoming talents that can grow into the system. Will Marciello or Fuoco take 28?

    The dogfight for number 11 is a bit concerning, and shows the problems of the system to me. If a driver had a number all the way through to F1, yet was blocked from having it in F1 as it was already used then that would be a shambles. If two drivers can’t have their preferred number, while it’s not even run, then that’s also bad. They should take off the sentimentality for number 1 having a reserve and just give it to Vettel, as the reigning champion for the last era of F1 and when the system came in, until he loses it, at which point those numbers can then be reassigned with agreement, with the new champion moving to 1.

    Vettel and 1 is now more iconic IMO than the 11 for his junior series. For him, the junior times are in the past. We could say that that’s his aim for titles too…

    Magnussen on 20 is nice.. 23 was his dad’s number but it would be weird to see back when Kevin wants to take a different course (hopefully a long career and success).. whereas Rosberg is trying to emulate his father (WDC with 6).

    Any source for Maldonado with 3? I hope Felix da Costa can have 13 registered as his test driver/FP1 number.



    The reference for Maldonado is here only a few pages back.



    Kvyat’s 26 is nice and all, but if I were his manager, I’d see it as a huge lost opportunity marketing wise. 55 for Ru55ia would be golden for years to come.

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