Who’s choosing what? – driver numbers 2014


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    Prisoner Monkeys

    Why does it all have to come down to marketing?

    It’s Kvyat’s choice as to which number he takes. His manager would have very little (if any) say in it.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Red Bull have posted a season preview on their website, discussing the number changes. They included a graphic of Vettel’s pit box from 2009, when he used the number 15.


    Now, it could just be that they used any old picture, but maybe he has chosen #15. After all, it was the number that he used when he scored his first win, and he has used other numbers between 2 and 99 – #5 in 2010 – since then.

    Or maybe I am just bored and reading too much into things again.



    @mashiat yeah, your right, I totally got them wrong, but im not a big fan of either, pedrosa is a #2 and edwards has been riding the equivalent of a hrt.

    I would like to see the number 0 be used, used to love seeing that on the williams. Id also like to see 13 as the tradition of missing it out used to really frustrate me.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    The number 13 is available. The FIA never ruled its use out. Whether or not it gets used is another matter entirely, although Antonio Felix da Costa took to Twitter almost as soon as personal numbers were announced and declared his interest in it.



    I read that Hamilton wants number 44 – the number he used to race with in his karting days.


    Bradley Downton

    I’ll have to admit, I’ll be annoyed if Vettel doesn’t take the number 1. To know the World Champion is in the grid but to not have the number 1 on a car will annoy me no end.

    It may just be my OCD but I think it’s just wrong.



    Vettel would be required to pick a number wouldn’t he, regardless of whether he runs it this year or not, as these numbers are supposed to run the for the duration of his career aren’t they? Just incase he doesn’t win every championship for the remainder of his career… He would get first pick too wouldn’t he, so he will get the number he chooses I’m guessing?


    Iestyn Davies

    @atticus-2 Fair enough, I clicked a few pages back and couldn’t spot it at the time. Given how much I post in this thread, I probably saw it at some point and have subsequently forgotten it.

    I like 15 for Vettel, in that it has that F1 meaning given he won his first race with it. 15 Vettel being right behind 14 Alonso is also very apt. 2 Hamilton would be too ironic, so he’s best served by 44. I wonder if anyone has any eyes on 4, 5, 9, 10 or 12.. 2 could also be ironically left vacant for Webber as a tribute. We haven’t heard from Button yet, while we have most of the established drivers linked with something.

    I was told recently that 77 is lucky in Jewish as it means ‘mazel tov’, or ‘good luck’. Sounds like I was being trolled.. on the other hand, Bottas could have a new fan-base market soon…



    Does anyone knowes when the drivers numbers get official??



    @melmgreen Today apparently (see today’s round-up)


    Keith Collantine

    According to Kevin Magnussen (who’s back on Twitter) he will be number 20 this year:



    Lucas Wilson


    Is this the first confirmed driver number?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Yes, it’s the first.

    I was kind of expecting the FIA to publish an entry list. But I suppose they are informing everyone first.



    I wonder what number Sergey Sirotkin will choose.

    oh wait…


    Prisoner Monkeys

    @ajokay – I’m pretty sure test drivers will get their own numbers as well. Antonio Felix da Costa and Carlos Sainz Jnr. both posted the numbers they wanted on Twitter, and the FIA need some way of distinguishing the FP1 drivers on timing sheets.

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