Why do people always blame Hamilton?

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    I’m finding it quite annoying that so many so called “experts” are blaming Hamilton for his spin in Q3 and labelling it a mistake. The team themselves confirmed that Lewis suffered a right wishbone failure and yet people keep blaming him. What I mean by these “experts” is Gary Anderson, Brundle, Anthony Davidson etc. Read Anderson’s BBC column and he says “Hamilton was made to pay for his mistake in Q3”. Brundle and Davidson numerous times called it a driving error during the live shows. What is wrong these people, they give the poor guy so much stick for something that completely wasn’t his fault, had he finished that lap he may well have stuck it on pole, a big shame either way.



    Because he’s black.



    My understanding of the situation was that there was an earlier error on his part (i.e. going too wide and taking too much kerb, something like that) which resulted in the failure of the wishbone afterwards. It sounded reasonable to me… or maybe I’m thinking of Raikkonen’s issues in qualifying. In any case, there’s my 2 cents (although it’s probably worth far less than that).



    I personally believe Hamilton is one of the greatest F1 drivers we have. However I also believe after reading his comments in an article, where he seems bewildered with his performance, thw car isn’t performing at all. Makes you wonder what exactly is going on in F1.

    Vettel’s car as one can see is designed fr thw 1/4 mile, why is his car slowing an 1/8 mile put tp take a corner on which Rosberg and Hamilton enter at higher speeds? I won’t say what I think is thw issue with Hamilton as I’m new to this forum. He will continue to get a raw deal and blamed for his apparent misgivings. Not in anyway condoning poor judgment in driving. Anyhow,F1 needs Honda back and teams like Maserati and Jaguar, I know it sounds really strange.

    Looking forward to the new season. Cheers!




    I do agree – I’m more concerned that Lauda called it driver error after listening to Hamilton’s radio message. With Ross leaving, that is NOT a good sign especially when they are designing the new car.

    There’s a fundamental problem with his car – it’s obvious in the races because it’s just slow with DRS enabled in straight lines compared to anything but the Marussias, Caterhams and Williams. Any driver would be flooring it and Hamilton exits corners well. Even the Toro Rossos, Sauber, and Force Indias are faster.

    Yet he almost scored pole with a car that can’t pass 16 out of 22 cars…

    There’s just no logical explanation that anyone can offer.

    But that’s the state of F1 currently – illogical tyres, illogical results, illogical driver selections. Why should Hamilton’s situation break stride and be logical? That would defy logic:-)

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