Why do people hate Alonso?

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    This is an honest question to all the Alonso haters; why exactly do you hate him? Or if you don’t hate him, why do you dislike him? Is it his team, his nationality, what exactly makes you hate him. Thanks.


    Keith Collantine

    Dear me, are we going to have one of these for every driver eventually?

    Seb Vettel – why all the hatred?




    This question seems a bit strange, because I imagine even fans of Alonso can easily see many reasons which might cause people to dislike him. Same as Hamilton, it doesn’t seem to be a question that needs to be asked.



    For the same reason people hate Vettel, hate Schumacher and hate Hamilton.



    For the same reason people hate Vettel, hate Schumacher and hate Hamilton.

    This. To an extend, just about every successful driver in Formula One is hated by certain group of people, who likely support different drivers.

    Although the Alonso hate has cooled down quite a bit over the years; if I remember correctly many people were barbaric about him in 2007. Crash-gate and the team order scandal two years in Germany ago didn’t help his popularity either. Though I’ve noticed recently people have toned it down, and now see him more as the driver than he is.



    I think you are right.



    I agree with the view that great drivers very often polarize the opinions on them, they are loved by many and hated by many. The belief that all means are good enough to win gives them advantage on the track and thus increases their greatness but, at the same time, this attitude makes sure that they have a lot of enemies, too.


    I don’t hate Alonso, but I did write an essay once on
    http://magnificentgeoffrey.wordpress.com/2012/03/11/why-i-will-never-cheer-for-fernando-alonso/“>why I don’t support him.



    I think it’s a shame that people feel hatred for any drivers. No matter what my feelings for the individuals, I am overwhelmed by a massive sense of admiration for anyone who is ever deemed good enough to grace the seat of an F1 car. When it comes to race winners and champions, I love them all, for their differences and their flaws as much as their strengths and abilities.

    I used to be proud as an F1 fan that the sport that I love could hold its head above the likes of football, where ‘fans’ are obliged to choose their favourites and pour hate on all others. It’s a sad fact that this seems increasingly to be a part of F1 fandom. There are drivers I like more than others, for a variety of reasons, but hatred has never registered for me. Not even for the likes of Maldonado, or Piquet Jr. I just can’t put myself into the mindset of a person who feels that way.



    I’m going to start here by saying that I have had a rollercoaster ride when it comes to Fernando Alonso. I liked him when he dethroned Schumacher, and still liked him when he moved to Mclaren.

    However, as per the essay from @magnificentgeoffrey it all started to unravel for me in Hungary 2007.

    I was actually at that race, and watched with horror the evil deeds with Alonso blocking Hamilton in qualifying.

    At that point I declared hatred for the man, and his subsequent heavy involvement with the Spygate scandal, and the fact that he was in the Renault team and benefited from the Piquet scandal (something that whilst unproven, I’m certain he must have been at least vaguely aware of), has only added to this.

    Then there was the Germany GP team orders incident, which I wasn’t surprised by, but just adds to his evil spectre. He even looks like a baddy!!

    That being said, I still think he’s the best driver on the grid, and have a good deal of respect for:

    1) How he has performed this year;
    2) His attitude and maturity on track – sure he complained about Vettel at Monza, but EVERYONE would have done exactly that…

    One point on Geoffrey’s otherwise excellent essay that doesn’t sit well with me is the Vettel comparison at the end. Vettel is excellent of course, and he is quite likeable in interview / quite funny, etc. However, to suggest he doesn’t have an immature arrogant side, petulence and a sense of entitlement, is very rich. He’s got all of them in droves – probably moreso than Alonso actually.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve missed the point here, but in amongst the above, are quite a few reasons why people would hate Alonso….



    I agree with everything @mazdachris said. To hate someone you don’t even know personally is a bit silly. I will admit that in the past I have said I hate Piquet Jr, however since then I’ve realised that it’s silly to hate him. He acted stupid after Renault sacked him, but in the sporting world many people make stupid mistakes as there is so much pressure around, it is easy to do silly things.




    > Fernando did something that, sadly, was to become a trademark of his. He started moaning.

    Priceless ;)


    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    I like him. I assume nearly every driver will have people who dislike him.


    If your title would have been “Why do you hate Vettel?” probably a couple of thousands people would have make this topic the most commented. Of course I am a Vettel fun and I laugh about it… and yes as I ‘ve read just above, Alonos (and Vettel and Hamilton and practically every driver on the grid) are moaners in some way, because you have to be a strong headed and selfish enoug to drive one of those cars and claim you are always the best.
    If you ask Alonso who’s the best driver, inside himself he is yelling “ME, ME!!!” and the same (at least) all the other champions in F1 hstory

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