Why do perfectly good forum Topics keep being closed!!!

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    Why do perfectly good forum Topics keep being closed?

    I don’t want to discuss certain topics in the higgledy piggledy round up threads!!!



    The site is a place to discuss the latest F1 news. Forum topics should really be a place for long running and interesting threads, rather than people just starting up a whole topic so their opinion stands out more.

    The forum would be unreadable if we kept every post from a person that just signs up to ask about an F1 race or links to an article already discussed on F1Fanatic. We just try to keep discussion in the right places and point people in the right direction.



    I closed the thread that you are talking about.

    It was closed becauase there was an identical discussion on the main site. My understanding of the forum is that it is for discussion on topics that are different to those on the main site. That is not to say we can’t have discussion topics but that thread was specifically about the new engine regulations. There are two articles on the main site covering this and relevant discussions there.

    Specifically, your post in the topic that was closed referenced Craig Pollocks plans. You are right in saying that this is a topic that is not mentioned on the main website. Do feel free to make a topic about this in the forum. But the afforementioned thread was not about that – it was about the new engine regulations.

    The second discussion of the engine regulations is featured on this post here: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2011/06/23/whitmarsh-2/

    You may find that one more relevant.



    Someone should close this topic! Ha.

    I think the mods and Keith do a great job of keeping this forum tidy and getting rid of duplicates


    Ned Flanders

    Personally, I think if there’s an issue somebody wants to discuss on the Forum that has been covered that day on the site, then it may as well be closed down.

    But, if the Forum thread is created 24 hours or more after an article on the same issue has been posted on the main site, leave it be. After a day or so, people stop commenting on articles, whereas Forum threads can go on and on for days or weeks.



    I agree with Ned. Plus some of us are paranoid about our posts counts on the main articles ;-)



    I also agree, just because the engine regs are on the page today doesn’t mean that this is a topic of conversation and relevance for only 24 hrs. There have been articles on the rule for the last 3 days. I have come to the forum to post my point of view in a place I hope many will see it and comment. The world takes 24 hours to go round so people are reading these articles at different times and usually go straight to the most recent article on the subject, preferring the official news to the speculation, in the process some readers comments vanish before the majority of subscribers see them.



    also, there’s users who are in it just for the forum, and are not interest on main sites/news/news comments.


    sbl on tour

    agree with jehto, I use the main site once in a blue moon. one of my posts was closed as the topic was on the main site which I didnt know as I dont go on it, i,ll be honest I was pretty miffed about it and stayed off the forum for about a week!


    Keith Collantine

    Explanation here: F1 Fanatic Forum Rules

    In short, the main site comes first, and duplicate topic threads on the forum will be closed.



    everytime i see Keith Collantine on the Forum main page (as the last poster of a Thread), my heart freezes, as usually means: Thread Closed


    sbl on tour

    ah keith rules are there to be broken, just like formula 1 then!



    slb on tour, we’ll keep trying…



    believe me, I’ve seen forums much worse regarding “rules”. At least, here, threads don’t get closed because of opinions. That’s the reason I’m sticking around. My previous attempt, on another forum, there was an underlined racism regarding a very famous driver (with a xenophobic “nickname” or “acronym” used by most of the moderators and with its meaning on the forum FAQ (they even went to the trouble of changing thread titles who dared to use the driver real name, changing it to the “acronym”). they would give infractions (that led to bans) for being on the wrong side of the fence, especially if your reasoning was good (also only on the threads regarding the same very famous driver) and wouldn’t leave much room for a rational reply..

    Thank you Keith for not being like that, I’ll give you this.



    Actually this has been turned into a nice discussion. Making a forum post about something, might be a nice way of continuing discussions on something that was in the news a couple of days ago, or a follow up story (for example having a “permanent” discussion on Lotus VS itself) but the people participating should be carefull to keep it linked up to the actual news stories, I think.

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