Why do you follow your favourite team?

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    I follow McLaren because we used to live a 30 second walk to the old factory on Albert Drive in Woking. It really was our local team. I remember as a kid alwas seeing the old white and red trucks driving past our living room window. And to think Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Mika Hkkinen et al have all been within 300 yards of my house!!

    Even though I now live in Crawley I still think of it as MY team. All through the lean years and the DSQs, spygates etc, I still ove them to bits!!



    Because they’re awesome :D

    No but really, because my favorite driver is on the team, so I just naturally follow it.



    I follow Ferrari because the first GP I watched back in 03 a Ferrari won.

    So it sort of grew on me.

    But in terms of drivers I’m a Lewis Hamilton fan



    Because Vettel drives for them. But I approve of the team as well. Christian Horner is great- a good team principle and a funny guy as well. I thought it was great how they refused to use team orders- no other team would have done that.



    My father introduced the sport to me, big Damon Hill fan he, so as you can imagine, not keen on Schumacher, told me he was a cheat. An lets face it, he bleedin was. So when Mika started sticking it to the man, in the first season I was properly aware of F1 I thought, he’s the one for me. Then he left, but I’d grown fond of the team, an decided to keep them, got a bit older got a bit more passionate for the sport, got fairly old (19 lol, not actually old) got damn passionate for McLaren.

    WE’RE THE BOYS IN READ AND WHITE AND WE’RE F****** DYNAMITE, is also a chant for my football team (Arsenal), conveniantly suits McLaren, or did.


    Funny enough, I was told I was taken to the Hospital by my Dad in a Mercedes, just before I was born.

    Company car of course so don’t give me none of that rich boy claptrap…

    I’m a big fan of the Silver Arrows in the 50’s with Fangio dominance and that the Sauber Mercedes C9 is my most favorite Le Mans car ever, true monsters they were.

    Never followed a team until Mercedes came back full time in F1.



    I follow Toro Rosso because I love the livery and think they are a fun team. Red Bull and Virgin I also support after their kindness to me and Katy in the German GP.


    Dan Thorn

    I love Williams because Sir Frank is a legend among legends. What he and Patrick Head achieved is worthy of huge respect and I’d like nothing more than to see Williams win again. Also the Rothmans livery coincided with the time I really got into F1, and Prost/Ligier are no more so Williams it is :P

    I also love Ferrari because Ferrari are just awesome!



    I don’t. But let’s pretend this is 2001, not 2011. Why did I support Schumacher and Ferrari? Two reasons. One was the appreciation of Schumacher’s ability and the Ferrari love just naturally followed. However why Ferrari itself and not just Schumacher? Simple. I was a massive Hill fan and have never forgiven Williams for junking him. Even Sir Frank regrets it. The way JV was driving that year, old Damon might have even had another title and then moved to McLaren for 1998 (though he could have anyway and that was partly his own fault he didn’t). Not sure he would have challenged Mika though. Anyway I loathed Williams so defected. Actually I still don’t like Williams very much, even though I wish them success. And I don’t mind Ferraris winning, so long as it’s Massa ;)


    sbl on tour

    has to be ferrari, supported them from 1973, however my affection somewhat wained during the herr schu/todt years as I couldnt stand those two, especially herr schu, the cheating so and so.

    1999 was a good year with Irvine, still believe that Jean Todt made sure Irvine didnt come up trumps.

    alonso and ferrari – a match made in heaven, and theres never a dull moment, rem germany 2010, a case in point, magic or what!

    role on 2011

    sbl on tour


    sbl on tour

    @ tommy and katy, I wish you well this year in the support of TR, but..I think your patience will be tested with those two no hopers however!



    I’m torn on this one. I’m a fan Williams from when I first watched f1, Keke Rosberg, Mansell, Piquet they were great years. Then I fell in love with Mclaren. The Mp4’s of the early 90’s looked awesome, not to mention their driver line-ups, then there was Mika and Kimi, 2 of my favorite drivers of the current/past generation, I was actually devastated when Kimi went to Ferrari, although thats where he achieved his ultimate goal. Then again I’ve always been a Mercedes fan, for what they give to the automotive industry interms of technology if nothing else, yet I’m an Aussie so I have to like RedBull as our own Mark Webber drives for them and Adrian Newey is a pure genius, although i’m not a Christian Horner fan for obvious reasons.



    They’re red and for some reason when I was a kid that made me support Ferrari. All I remember from one of the first GPs I watched was this red car being thrown around (probably by Alesi) and the image just stuck with me. When I grew up a bit and learnt about Ferrari’s history and saw the crowds at Monza then I became a proper fan.

    I don’t mind their arrogance because as annoying as it can be it only stems from an intense passion and they say what they mean even if I do disagree with Luca a lot of the time. F1 can live without Ferrari but the sport is Ferrari’s sole purpose and the only other choice really would be Mclaren.

    I had a couple of friends who followed F1 and they couldn’t understand why I’d support Ferrari over Mclaren but I’ve never been one to just support my national team and when I read about the MTC as impressive as it was it all just sounded too sterile and uptight.

    I loved what Rob Smedley said in a radio interview that he liked just driving on his scooter to this old factory in the middle of nowhere and it wasn’t fancy or sophisticated it was just about the cars.

    Btw, fantastic thread!



    Well, I just go with the flow of Fernando…



    I saw some races in the 2000s when I wasn’t interested still, and those were the Schumacher days! I think I support Ferrari because my dad supported it, and at those times I didn’t have a proper knowledge to have an opinion. Then I made one and Ferrari remain the best. I remember seeing a Monza race (2004 or 2006), and the first race I remember of watching is the 2007 Brazilian GP, one.two by Ferrari, and seeing Massa making fast sector times made me support him. So at the 2008 Brazilian GP I supported him and from then on I really got into F1.

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