Why has Senna vs Fangio become a WUM page now?

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    I’m sorry but there’s this guy called “Schumacher is King”, and he is being a proper WUM trying to annoy people by posting on everybody’s post and belittling them if they vote Senna or Fangio. I can understand a schumi fan getting excited trying to proove a point that his man is the greatest, but this is just stupid since he brings out strange, strange responses…

    Please do something Keith since I cant be bothered reading another BBC 606 forum which isn’t moderated allowing WUM’s to run amuck, thank you.



    TROLL! Lol, thats quite a simular profile name to his dude. 60% chance you are that guy, specially as i’ve never seen you post before.

    Noice try, if the guy really does get annoying eventually some mod will ban him, maybe even the collantine himself, don’t worry, UNLESS YOUR A TROLL ROFLCOPTER



    Well that’s ok Scribe since Im (F1Silverarrow), I change my name, picture every year to suit the new season I was Pedal to the Vettel the year before that.

    How do I know it’s not you scribe, since your the guy shouting Troll…

    And If I was a schumi fan which I was before he retired, why did I vote Prost in the poll, if Keith can he can back me up with a picture of the vote.

    And if given the chance to be able to IP ban “Schumacher the king”, it will show it’s not a dual account.



    funny how youve only been a member since 19th november 2009, if you were F1Silverarrow last year (2010) and Pedal to the Vettel the year before (2009).

    Can you see into the future? please, tell me how!



    Calm down dude, ;) indicates japes are being had.

    I don’t really care if it’s you or not, although it’s nice to know, I wondered where that guy went, your a nice poster!

    Just to set the record straight though, I wasn’t really accusing you of trolling, The Schuey guy is annoying, he’ll get banned probs, or he’ll get bored, what I’m saying is it just doesn’t matter that much.

    Erm, can’t prove it’s me, mAYbE IMmA EvIL GhOSt HacKINg f1FaNAtIc AcCouNTS, just in a silly mood tonight.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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