Why is Eddie Jordan not at the Chinese GP again???

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    I know this might have been asked before, but why again is Eddie not at the GP this weekend? The BBC seems to just keep making vague excuses for why he doesnt visit China… Is he just banned from China?



    Some say that he’s allergic to chicken chow mein and egg-fried rice…



    Well I’m pretty sure the absence last year was down to the volcanic eruption, but I don’t remember if he was there in 2009.



    I wouldn’t be surprised if he was banned from China.



    As far as I can remember he has not made it to any of the races in China since the BBC has got the F1 back…



    Someone suggested that his shirts were confiscated at customs. Apparently, China isn’t ready for them



    And China’s even less ready for a shirtless Eddie Jordan.


    I believe Eddie Jordan’s not there for personal reasons, otherwise they’d have told us why.

    I hope everything’s alright, ’cause I’m missing him this weekend!



    Seems he is busy doing something else this week:


    Still he is meant to be the F1 Analyst for the BBC so why no show for the 3rd year in a row and why did they let him skip this race again?


    Phew! That’s alright then.


    Ned Flanders

    I was much happier without his attention seeking shirts, pretentious goatee and rambling nonsense. Besides, Bruno Senna did a great job I thought



    Hes not there because he is busy doing other highly different secret filming for the BBC in a white suit a helmet and several fast cars.

    Tell no one shhhhhhhhhh



    Its too much of a coincidence for it to be a random personal issue at home to happen on the same weekend 3 years in a row, though obviously apologies to ej if it is just sheer bad luck.

    I doubt he’d be avoiding china on moral grounds as that would be hypocritical given that his shirts and analysis he inflicts on us each and every grand prix.

    So maybe he cant get a visa due to his crimes against fashion and criminally awful, uninformed anti mclaren punditry…

    Anyway, I never thought I’d say this but I hope your back soon EJ, poor old Jake looks lost without you, especially when DC has dissapeared off to the commentary box. Just remember to pack some ‘plain’ shirts and do your research!



    So is EJ not in China because hes off sailing?

    Or is he off sailing because he can’t be in China? Or will it forever be a mystery???



    he finds it is a good opportunity to learn kung fu

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