Why is Horner saying anything about it?

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    Do you really want to see the Ferraris disqualified and move the McLarens up in the race result, giving them more points? They’re already ahead in the constructors’ championship!



    Its all about fair racing, regardless. Also it would give vettel the 25 points.



    Actually you’re right, if Ferrari are disqualified, Red Bull will gain 15 points and McLaren would only gain 11.




    Haha really? I thought it would have been more…



    I don’t think the FIA lead by Todt will disqualified Ferrari from the constructure championship.



    Ferrari cheated and have now been punished according to law, F1 law that is! they ought to ban them from the next couple of races or start them right at the very back, Ron Smedley and Felippe Massa can hold there heads high. Ferrari are just a waste of time. Felippe Massa should be thinking about changing his team, and leave the other clowns in Ferrari to there own detrement


    Dan Thorn

    While we’re at it lets go back and DQ/punish all the teams that have done it in the last few years and got away with it.

    There’s no way the FIA can realistically change the result of the race – there will be a massive outcry, alienate F1’s biggest team and biggest fanbase and on a lesser scale, rob fans of a more interesting championship.

    Whether they should be penalised or not is another matter, but the precedent was set the numerous times team orders have affected the race outcome in the last few years.


    Tom L.

    I must say I agree with Dan on this one. Either team orders should be allowed or they shouldn’t, it shouldn’t be decided depending on the context because it’s impossible to determine where the cut-off point of acceptability is.

    There was no outcry in 2007 when Massa gave up the win in Brazil so that Raikkonnen would win the championship; however, looking at it objectively, there’s no difference between that and what happened on Sunday.

    As one of the BBC pundits pointed out, what would people have said if Massa had stayed ahead and Alonso had eventually lost the championship by that number of points? People would have said, why didn’t they move Massa over, they’ve lost the clinical side that they used to have in the Schumacher days, etc.

    When Ferrari show a more human side, they’re criticised for not being as efficient as in the early 2000s; when that side of them is shown, as on Sunday, it’s criticised! They can’t win, can they!



    Rules are rules


    Keith Collantine
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