Why the sudden need for a Rome Grand Prix?

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    The more and more I read about this, the less and less I like it. The organisers have flagged August 25th 2013 as a possible starting date for the race.


    I simply don’t understand any of this. While I’m all for more races, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the only person who wants this race to go ahead is the organiser, Maurizio Flammini. Monza doesn’t want it to happen. Ferrari doesn’t want it to happen. Bernie Ecclestone hasn’t said a word about it, and more importantly, the people of Rome don’t want a race in their city. And yet Flammini keeps pushing ahead with it. Why?

    It certainly doesn’t help that the proposed circuit makes Valencia look downright challenging: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=4218635

    Which is a shame when they could have had something like this: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=4218633

    But they keep pushing for it when it’s obvious there’s no interest in it, and I can’t for the life of me why they’re doing it.



    I hadn’t realised that was the latest proposed circuit, the original few ideas had actually looked pretty good but that looks horrible!

    Ultimately, i’m all for new races provided that they provide good racing. And that circuit doesn’t look like it will. I would imagine too that Italy would need to have an F1 star of their own (i.e. a world champion) for this to be a reality – as it would be their second race. I would imagine this project will fall flat on its face like the proposed London GP too



    Probably for this reason


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Except Bernie hasn’t said boo about it. Sue, he expressed interest when it was first pitched, but he’s been in total radio silence on the subject since then. When he was looking to get Formula 1 in America, he made a lot of noises about it. When finally got the race in Russia, he’d been working on it for thirty years. The money from Rome might interest him, but he hasn’t said a word. Like I said, the only person who appears to be even remotely interested in it is Maurizio Flammini.



    Sorry, I meant Flammini’s after the money and of course, a vanity project. Or maybe he really believes this a good thing for Rome. But not many agree, it would seem.

    As awful as the propose layout is, that sharp “beak” corner in the final sector would be damned interesting to replicate on another circuit.



    Well Italy in general are a very indebted country at the moment. A lot of effort has been going in to raise funds for restoration of the Colosseum. No doubt a Grand Prix there would help bring in funds for this. I’m not sure where Flammini stands on that though. Apparently they need 25 million euros to restore it. It would certainly attract more private investors if Rome could get the sort of coverage a GP weekend will bring.

    Besides Rome would be great, I loved watching races in Phoenix.



    That looks garbage. What’s with all the right angles?! Obviously they’re working to current road specification but i’d rather they didn’t bother than just dot-to-dot a few roads together. Crap.

    Though it would be interesting to have two polarising tracks in one country.


    Dan Thorn

    As a one off I wouldn’t mind, it would have a novelty factor, but I don’t see the point of having it as a regular fixture.



    I know – a second UK race in London would be far better!! ;)



    I find this race rather pointless, but if a GP was to be held in Rome, I would use the a slightly elongated version of the GT5 track based near the Coliseum in the City. I love that downhill chicane at turn 4. Its a nice flowing circuit.



    If Rome comes in to the expense of Monza it well be an utter disgrace!!!!!..Take out Valencia and give it to Rome if they want but for god sakes let Monza on the calender.If Italy want another race, then go back to IMOLA..F1 needs its culture and history as much as these flashy new circuits..anyway


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Yes, I see everyone has completely missed the point. Rather than discuss why a Rome Grand Prix is suddenly the duck’s guts, the discussion has degenerated into a “SAVE MONZA!”-fest, which is about as far away from the original subject as I intended.



    One person mentioned Monza going?


    Stephen Jones

    The Rome course looks ok.. different, but ok. Main thing is that it’s way too long.

    But if everyone involved hates the idea, then they shouldn’t be doing it.. i’d like the idea of a RomeGP, but if it impacts the locals too much then maybe not..

    One idea is that Rome, Valencia and London could go into rotation as the European/Street Grand Prix. that could work?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    The proposal is 4.8km. That’s shorter than most circuits on the calendar.

    Or do you mean is looks too long in that there’s a lot of slow corners, so the average lap time will be long?

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