Will Formula One ever end?

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    A simple question, will the Formula One World Championship ever come to an end? Many things have threatened its demise lately, be it Budget Caps, breakaway threats, rules packages, engines, the list goes on. But will it ever end, when will it end and what would be the reasons if F1 did come to an end? Could it be war, breakaway series, nobody watching it(i.e. next year), ugly cars, poorly sounding engines, hover cars, lack of development, you’ve got to say that F1 is more likely to end than any other sports like football.


    Everything comes to an end, and I suspect Formula 1 will cease to be at some point in the future.



    It will end either when we do or if it goes bankrupt. It might not stay recognisable though.


    Dan Thorn

    I think it’ll probably evolve into something else rather than abruptly end…


    The Dutch Bear

    I think that Formula 1 will cease one day, nothing exists forever. But the love of speed that is in many peoples hearts and the pirsuit of speed will never die.



    Yes. The world will eventually end, the human race will eventually end and so F1 will eventually come to an end. In our lifetime? I’d like to think it wouldn’t but as Icthyes says we or it could go bankrupt or there could actually be a break away series



    There always always has been and always will be Grand Prix Racing

    F1 claims the legacy of Bently, Bugatti and the Silver Arrows, and their amazing drivers as the ancestors of F1, and F1 is a direct evolution of those early Grand Prix years.

    Maybe in the future F1 will die but there will be something else in it’s place.

    As long as teams build their own cars and they are the fastest racing cars in the world there is no reason to expect F1 to go away within our lifetimes.

    And there will always be a pinnacle of motorsport, until the end of the world.



    Yes. At the end of this year for many UK viewers like myself.


    Fer no.65

    I think F1 will transform into a different series once petrol gets really expensive and the ‘new technologies’ start to be the way to go. I cannot see a series called “Formula 1” containting only electric or hidrogen-powered vehicules.

    It’d not be F1 anymore.


    Alianora La Canta

    At this rate I suspect 2020-2025 for F1’s expiry, due to poor financial management from Bernie and lack of understanding of the needs of the sport or those who ultimately pay for it.



    Even if Formula One ended, I’m sure there would be a series to replace it.




    I expect Bernie to end before 2020



    Id say F1 will disapear, probably being surpassed by a faster series (less restricted) leading to lack of interest and eventual demise. But I’d say that would be in 30- 40 years away.

    Anyway im happy with the idea of having F1 to watch while I continue with my career, and start a family, if it lasts 15 more years then Il be a happy man.


    Alianora La Canta

    Zadak, I think he has now made such a big mess that no successor could clear it up.

    There may be a series springing up to take the position F1 currently occupies in the motorsport structure, but it won’t be F1. It’ll be something else with its own identity that may not even claim F1’s history.



    Formula 1 ends this year, to be replaced next year by Formula 0.5

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