Will Mclaren Be Team to beat from Silverstone Onwards?

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    With this new off throtle blow gases ban, many beliwev from British GP onwards Red Bull will face a major setback due to this ban, Mclaren team principle M. Whitmarsh believes it could slach RB’s advantage by 0.5 secs in quali, with the likes of s.Domenicalli going far as saying it will be phase 2 of the season.


    Master firelee

    its possible and renault will also lose out as much as red bull.



    Imagine if Vettel’s 2011 turned into Button’s 2009. It would be great to see what he can do in a car that’s not so good in quali (assuming the new rule has that effect).

    I wonder why the other teams haven’t been able to get the same effect out of EBD in qualifying though.



    Renault and RBR aren’t the only teams running off-throttle EBD as far as i’m aware. Most of the teams stand to lose something, so it’s all relative. Just perhaps not as much as RBR or Renault.

    But RBR will tell you that it’s just part of a bigger picture.

    They still have the flexi-wing ;)



    I think they have a good shout at being so, which would be amazing considering where they were in testing.

    Ominously though, the ban is also expected to hit Ferrari the hardest after Red Bull and Renault, so McLaren will be alone in trying to eat Red bull’s lead. This might go from the quickest championship ever to the most protracted…



    What ever happens, if it reduces the gap between qualifying pace and race pace, and levels the playing field then it’s a good thing. Let’s see who the best driver is. When ever one team has a significant technical advantage, such as RBR’s blown diffuser etc. in qual/short stints, or Brawn’s double diffuser from a couple of years ago, it reduces the spectacle in my view.



    That would be nice, as I’m going to Silverstone this year. Would be good to watch a Brit win in Britain again



    No-one knows, any suggestion that McLaren will magically become more competitive as a result of the rule change is wildly speculative.

    If anyone can supply a valid reason why the rule change will not affect the McLaren to the same extent that it will affect Red Bull or Ferrari, I’d be happy to admit that this whole discussion isn’t just the hopes and dreams of McLaren fans.



    I think it will definitely make qualifying a little bit closer at some tracks, but Silverstone should still be a Red Bull track. Red Bull were fast before blown diffusers came in in the middle of last year, so it’s not as though they are suddenly going to drop too far.

    One other thing to consider is that Williams could make some inroads in the midfield, as Cosworth haven’t been able to afford a hot blowing blown diffuser.



    Ha. Of course its the hopes and dreams of McLaren fans, haven’t you read the title?!

    I’d love it to be the case, but as has been said, there isn’t sufficient evidence to suggest this just yet. It will certain change the performance, but knowing F1, not by a whole lot.



    I think that its a case of Red Bull being brought back into the chasing pack then others gaining on Red Bull with this ban, atleast in Qualy anyway. In the race, it could be the Mclarens who rein supreme as they have looked the faster (race) car over the last 3 races, and that includes the Spainish GP which everyone universally agrees is a Red Bull favouring track. And we shouldnt ignore the Red threat from Ferrari, who this time last year got their groove on and looked the 2nd best car.


    Ned Flanders

    You could (kind of) argue that McLaren is already the team to beat. They might well have won in Spain, if only overtaking was a bit easier. Button was looking good for the win in Monaco, until that dubious strategy call, whilst Hamilton would likely have been even quicker if he hadn’t made so many daft mistakes. And, of course, they won in Canada despite a pretty catastophic race for both their drivers!

    Obviously, Red Bull are still looking dominant in qualifying- but, as has became clear over the last few months, qualifying in the Pirelli/ DRS era doesn’t mean nearly as much as it used to



    It’s strange to think that by now McLaren could have won more races than Red Bull!



    I agree to an extent with Ned. A lot of RBR’s performance (in my OPINION) has come because Vettel is so adept at scampering away at the start and controlling from the front, which is much easier to do when you’re parked on pole rather than 2nd/3rd/4th/5th/6th/7th/8th/9th. Vettel has also been imperious this season, by my reckoning he’s made approximately 1 mistake this season. And that was on Sunday. Yes McLaren have been unlucky NOT to win sometimes, but because of Vettel they need to be on the top of their game 100% of every race to give him a very close run for his money (bearing in mind that both McLaren victories have come in the closing stages of races)



    Possibly or Mclaren could stall again like they did mid way through 2010. I don’t really want to guess at what will happen as RBR could suddenly lost a lot of pace or actually this is all a big let down and they’re as strong as ever (relatively speaking as they’re bound to lose some performance but so will msot teams as has already been pointed out). This does at least provides Mclaren with a chance to really close the gap.

    Canada was strange because Mclaren were completely annonymous during qualifying and I kinow their race pace is great and the weather did save Button’s day but if they really do want to catch RBR they have to make the most of every opportunity.

    The other thing is that Red Bull arguably aren’t the team to beat at the moment it’s that Vettel’s the man to beat. Webber has been dismal at worst and weak at best which is already giving Mclaren a great chance to hold onto any WCC ambitions.

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