Will Petrov ever win a GP?


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    @todfod IMHO, the 2010 renault was much better than the 2011… and maybe Petrov did score better than Robert BUT, why did everybody (I include myself in this) consider Kubica Better than Petrov? Well, I guess an easy answer is the Kubica was VERY aggresive and THAT made him better.

    Heidfeld is WAAAAY overrated… and honestly I think it´s best that he was let go by Renault. Bruno… well, he is definitely another OVERRATED driver… the genes didn´t work with him… and he is kept in F1 because of the name… I doubt he wil ever brake into the top 5 drivers…

    But back on the subject… I find it very UNFAIR to say that Petrov doesn´t have what it takes… As I said before… the art of protecting you position, closing “doors” and all the good stuff requires SKILLS… Senna was praised by Manssel for the way he defended himself in Monaco on very worn tyres and Manssel having fresh rubber… so you see… you HAVE TO be good in order to fend somebody off. And I personally consider Alonso the BEST and most complete driver on the grid and so for Vitaly to hold Alonso back… that says something about the man…

    He might never win a championship but not because he lacks talent…. F1 is politics and in order to be champ nowadays…. you have to be a “pretty boy” and be in Bernie´s good graces but that is another whole different can of worms… too long to explain here… but I guess you might understand where I´m going with this…



    Sorry Jack. I do not think defending well in a ridiculously hard to overtake track, makes up for 20 races of sub par driving.

    The Senna – Mansell comparison is void, as you are comparing 2 consistently brilliant drivers to a driver with a couple of fluke performances



    Tod… you keep saying it´s hard to overtake in abu dhabi and I just finished watching the race again AND Lewis made a couple of passes in that race and so did Kubica, Webber, etc… so it´s not hard, you just have to be aggresive and not give a damn… Alonso had too much to lose in that race… he could not risk having contact…

    About the comparison… you are missing the point… the point is that holding somebody off… forget i compared senna and mansell, pick ANY 2 other drivers…. is a hard thing to do… YES it´s a complicated track but not impossible to overtake… the renault just had a higher top end speed than Alonso´s Ferrari which was settup in a more conservative way….

    On another note… give Petrov some credit…. he started racing in sh!tty cars… he didn´t have any previous racing in open wheeled cars…. so in my opinion he´s good, not GREAT BUT, I think he´s better than : Maldonado, Perez, Senna, Jarno, Sutil, Dambrosio, Glock, Richiardo, etc… I would rank him 13th or 14th on this next season´s grid…. to bad he´s in Caterham now…



    At the team he is at now, no. At any other team i unfortuantly really doubt it. He just doesnt seem to have that certain spark that would give him the win. He gota podium and that’ll be the best he can do.



    I think you are being quite harsh on Petrov..yeah he had a poor first season in F1 but you all forget that he grew up in a place where there was very little motorsport.. I mean he started racing in Lada’s and in the lada cup out of 5 races he got 5 wins, 5 poles and 5 fastest laps.. he has done remarkably well in my opinion..He got a podium in Australia and I dont feel it was a fluke..Renault had a good strategy and he drove well in holding off Alonso in the end..Renault had good pace at the start of the season but then fell back a little so it wasnt just Petrov..I mean he has got a podium in his second season of F1..thats an amazing acheivement I think and not many other drivers have acheived that..better than Senna, Buemi, Alguersuari and Heidfeld IMO..@enigma that is such a funny video lol :)


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I find Petrov to be a bit of an enigma (which is probably why I’m a fan). When he’s switched on, he’s swicthed on. Despite his reputation as a bit of a crasher, he has put in a few excellent performances – Hungary 2010 (in front of Robert Kubica all weekend), Turkey 2010 (defended against Alonso for thirty-two laps), China 2010 (kept his cool in difficult conditions and scored his first points), Belgium 2010 (qualified last after crashing, went on to score points), Abu Dhabi 2010 (resisted pressure from Alonso all through the race), Australia 2011 (career-best qualifying, finished on the podium), Canada 2011 (kept his cool in horrendous conditions to finish fifth), and Brazil 2011 (recovered from 15th on the grid to score points). There have been some horrible races as well, but if he can channel his potential with a little more consistency, then he may be attractive to bigger teams as a second driver, and as a second driver, he could be in a good position for the occasional race win.



    @prisoner-monkeys, that’s an excellent post. It just seems like his career is moving in the wrong direction, though.

    I could draw a parallel between Petrov and Heikki Kovalainen. Both of them were at bigger teams, and have now found their way to Caterham. Kovalainen has improved his reputation there, but it has taken two years already, and it will only be after three that he will have a chance to move up again, and if he does, it will be to a midfield team (I think he’d be be a great driver for any of Force India, Sauber or Williams), not back to a big team. Petrov has the advantage of bringing money to any team he drives for, but even still, I think it will take him a while to start moving upwards again, and when (or if) he does, I doubt he will end up with a team higher than Lotus.

    The way the sport is at the moment, it’s so tough for any midfield team to get even a single race win, so I find it very hard to imagine Petrov ever winning a race. I’d love to be surprised, though.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    The move to Caterham certainly seems like a step backwards, but it could actually be a blessing in disguise. I’m not expecting much change in the top four teams this year. Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari and Mercedes may run in a different order, but I think they will remain the top four. So it’s probably likely that the overwhelming majority of races will feature those eight cars in the points. But looking at the mid-field battle, we’ve got Sauber, Toro Rosso, Force India and Lotus, with Williams trying to recover lost ground and Caterham chasing their maiden points. That’s twelve cars fighting over two regularly-available points positions, so I think the midfield is going to be as competitive as it has ever been (if not moerso). The people who score those points are going to be the real racers, and if the CT-01 is good enough to fight for points and if Petrov can channel the focus he showed in the races I listed, then I think he could certainly make a case for himself with other teams. After crashing at least once per weekend in 2010, he was virtually unrecogniseable in Melbourne last year. Whatever he did, he took a massive step forwards. And if he can do something similar again – with his sponsors helping development of the car – then he could be a real dark horse in 2012 midfield race.


    sbl on tour

    the only way petrov will ever win a gp is if the entire field drop out before he does, he,s a journeyman at best


    James Brickles

    Will Petrov ever win a GP?

    I want him to.



    The thing that I find very weird is; he performs best when he’s under duress. Such as Turkey/China/Abu Dhabi 2010. In times when he’s in “cruise and collect” mode, he seems somewhat lackluster. Most notably such as Korea. In the middle of nowhere, with no opponent behind/ahead in sight; he spun off on his own accord – while saving fuel and tyres.



    Yes, if he gets the chance, I think he can.

    Last year the Renault wasn’t really up to winning, even if Kubica had been driving it, and this year the Caterham certainly isn’t going to be on the podium.

    If Petrov can use this year to improve and mature (which I think he will), it may open more doors for him in the coming years.



    He has already – twice!
    At least in my F1 2012 game campaign – somehow he dominated the last 2 races ;)
    In real life – it’s not impossible, he’s got on the podium so with the right car I’d say it’s possible.
    Unfortunately for him the Caterham is unlikely to be the right car.
    While it’s not impossible I’d say it’s highly unlikely.



    I think that he can, as evidence by his special performances in Hungary ’10 and Australia last year. However, it would take those once-a-seson days, a leading car and a dollop of luck for him to make the top step.



    Well, hypothetically speaking I do think Petrov is capable of winning a race. 2010 was a bit hit and miss for him, let’s be honest. But 2011 showed promise I think, well, until the R31 started going wrong.

    Of course now he’s at Caterham I don’t see how he would be able to grab the attention of one of the top fliers again but who knows!

    That national anthem has to be one of the best.

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