Will some teams give up on 2013 already?

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    The first race of the season is now out of the way and we have an initial idea of the early pecking order. Red Bull, Ferrari and Lotus are all fast, with varying strengths and weaknesses. Mercedes look to have serious potential too, while Marussia clearly have the edge over Caterham for the moment.

    Modern Formula 1 may all about the development race, but with the revolutionary changes in the technical regulations now less than a year away, there will be many teams further down the field who will be looking to ‘do a Brawn’ and focus more time and energy on their 2014 car in order to get a big jump on their rivals next season. The question is, do you think anyone might be looking to write off 2013, even after the first race, and put all their hopes into their 2014 car? If you were Team Principal of McLaren/Williams/Caterham/etc, what would you do? Spend money and effort on trying to close the gap for this season, or focus purely on 2014?



    There was a lot of talk that Mercedes were going to do this before the season started, but now that they have a decent car for this season I don’t see them writing this year off. I think Mercedes, and all other teams for that matter, will start working on next years car sooner than they otherwise would, but still putting a lot of focus on this year.



    Isn’t the typical headline: Mercedes will shift focus on next years car “very soon”?


    Bradley Downton

    If I were Caterham I would. Surely it’s their only real chance of moving up the field. I would if I was Marussia as well, despite the fact they now have something to fight for.

    It would be awkward though, because they’re still competing for a lot of money for 10th place.



    Mclaren and Mercedes are good candidates…possible Mercedes


    Lucas Wilson

    Everyone since 2009 has wanted to do a ‘Brawn’, there is a reason why that year was called “the fairytale”.

    Let me explain. The trouble is with giving up on your current year for a big rules change is that, yes you might end up with the fastest car in that year, but then for the season after, they are nowhere…

    Ask yourself, where were Brawn/Mercedes in 2010?



    Very good point. to add to that, as Red Bull proved last year, if you have the development strength you can pull a off-colour car together through the year.



    If teams as Williams or Caterham would give up on 2013 (and therefore slip away even further), what do you think their sponsors would say? Perhaps teams like these will not even exist in 2014 (because of lack of budget) because of their ‘giving up’ this year.



    I think this video in my opinion pretty much sums it up for the teams http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxzYZKUPjMc# but I don’t think this year will be the give up year I think next year will be the year of giving up but it depends on how well 2013 goes

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