Will the European Grand Prix be the second round of Istanbul Park?

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    Okay, so maybe I should explain – not in terms of attendance, but the performance of the cars. McLaren have said their car is suited to the long straights and tighter corners, but there is also that really fast sweeping section at the end of Valencia which is sure to play into Red Bull’s hands. Add to that the Ferrari update which could really haul them up (Massa went well here in 2008 and it’s Alonso’s second home race) plus Force India must have another chance of points with their car quite similar to the McLaren. Oh, and it’s Lotus’ 500th race. Can they get into Q2? I’ve got my fingers crossed but I don’t think they are quite there yet. Aah. This has turned into a Grand Prix preview – sorry Keith!



    Im going to valencia and Im hoping for an amazing race (too bad we all know that wont happen). It may just be another in Istanbul! This could actually be interesting! And dont forget Renault are bringing their major update to Valencia as well. I sure hope Lotus make into Q2 and maybe even beat the saubers? Well anyway it will be interesting!



    I hope Valencia is like Turkey in the fact that they are always rubbish races except the 2010 one! :P



    Oh, and it’s Lotus’ 500th race.

    So they say…

    I think Valencia might be decent for once. Wait, what am I saying?



    I hope it provides some racing but still think that Red Bull will have the upper hand.



    I think Valencia could be improved as a track no end, all those weird flicks are unessacary, surley if they cleaned the track up abit, resurfaced it for higher degredation it could be as Montreal, originally a sterile an boring circuit in the middle of nowhere, now a beautiful circuit with amazing racing.

    Or seeing as they’ve got the contract for the next few years, redirect it to more interesting local sceanery.



    lets hope for a MEGA impact half way through the race, just after the 1st pitstops, and the safety car coming out.

    i can only dream…

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