Worse than last year? (HRT)

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    Last Year Bruno Senna finished 17 laps in second practice in Bahrain

    This year Vitantonio Liuzzi did one little installation lap in second practice

    Does anyone think they will qualify for the first race?

    Given that noone is going to sponser a team that cant get onto the grid, how long do you think they will last if they cant qualify at all?

    I think it will be the third successive race without making the grid that they will fold as a team, due to their almost complete lack of sponsorship. Sorry for being so bleak, this is only a prediction if they cannot qualify.



    The only new team to take a significant step backwards is HRT. Last year they were in the same boat as Lotus and Virgin, and while Lotus and Virgin were planning for the next season and their future in the sport, HRT was busy trying to sue its drivers, and looking out for money (which is something they should have had in place before they decided to enter the sport). I think the Lotus and Virgin cars should not have a problem with the 107% rule, but HRT should have a problem, and they deserve it. If you cannot put in any miles during pre season testing, or on the Friday of the 1st GP, you do not have a car that is race worthy. Its just a matter of time before they leave the sport..



    I would be amazed and astonished if they manage to qualify for the race.



    That whole thing about some suspension parts being held in customs now appears to have been proven as a complete lie. The car simply wasn’t ready then, it wasn’t ready for free practice today either.

    Still, HRT’s ineptitude still pales in comparison to Andrea Moda. It puts their current situation into perspective in my view.

    Having a completely incompetent team is almost like a tradition for F1.


    Ned Flanders

    Hispania must surely rank as one of the most incompetent teams in the history of F1, right up there with Andrea Moda and Mastercard Lola. I can’t see them lasting much longer, why would anyone reputable companies want to sponsor such a useless team.

    Nice livery though!



    Hmm, theres an interesting task. Compile a list of the most inept teams from the past 20 years. (not including teams that were around before 1991)

    I’d sort them something like this, Most inept at the top to least inept at the bottom

    1 – Mastercard Lola

    2 – Andrea Moda

    3 – Modena (Lambo)

    4 – Pacific

    5 – Fondmetal

    6 – Forti

    7 – HRT

    8 – Simtek

    9 – Midland/Spyker

    10 – Super Aguri

    I’b be inclined to mention Toyota too, considering how much money they poured into F1 without a win.



    Slightly overboard there I think, comparing them to Moda and Lola. Lola never even qualified and folded after the first race and Moda were well, Moda. HRT were at every race last year. I think comparing them to Forti would be fairer :)



    Yes. I mean don’t forget they actually DID manage to do a complete season of 19 races! Which is something not many others can claim. Especially when starting from 0.



    @ajokay Interesting idea

    Wasn’t Super Aguri a Honda ‘b-team’?

    Also, although Toyota did indeed spend a lot of money to win nothing, I think we should respect them for trying.

    They were serious about racing, and certainly not in the league of HRT and others.



    I dunno, considering how big Toyota’s budget was, i’d consider them bigger failures then most of the teams to ever compete in the sport.


    The Last Pope

    Its a bit harsh putting Midland/Spyker in that list isn’t it ajokay? The team scored points under both guises and is now Force India not to mention they were once Jordan with a championship challenging car in ’99.


    Ned Flanders

    Actually, Midland didn’t score any points, and Spyker only scored one- and that was pretty lucky. So I think they’re worth a mention as mediocre teams



    In the full history of Formula One, has any driver ever been bested, in terms of track time, by a team that only completely 1 installation lap.

    So it is with Karun Chandok and the 2011 HRT team…

    .. I dunno about you, but I find that hilarious :)

    ( PS I really live Karun.. but still! :D )


    The Last Pope

    Ned, I counted the points Midland scored in 2005 while they were still using the Jordan name to claim the TV money (and yes those points were lucky too).

    What I ment was even though they are officialy different teams, the team personel and teamwork continued just like nothing had happened. Its not like Midland sacked all the Jordan people on day one and brought in a whole load of less skilled people.



    May be.

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