What was the worst F1 race?

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    Lucas Wilson

    Looking for any race in the past 10 (2003-2013) years that you really have not enjoyed. It might have been a boring dominant win with no action or there might have been a controversy that put a raincloud over the whole event.

    Personally, I wouldn’t want to see Malaysia 2013 again.



    I’ve been watched every F1 race since Singapore 2012 (as well as several races in 2010 and 2011) and I haven’t seen a single race that I would consider “boring”.



    Shanghai 2008 was pretty dull as far as I remember.



    2011 Valencia most assuredly



    Most of the races from 2011 were absolutely atrocious..



    The last time I can remember I was outright bored whilst watching a race was probably during Canada 2012. Nothing happened for 50 laps and when the overtaking did start, they were just boring motorway passes in the DRS zone.

    Valencia 2008 was also pretty boring as were many races in 2004.



    Indianapolis 2005 for sure


    James Whiteley

    The 2004 Hungarian Grand Prix usually wins this one. Literally nothing happened.



    Many Hungarian GPs, the 2008 race at Singapore, Indianapolis 2005 and the 2010 Bahrain GP.



    I don’t think there will be many people out there who want to see Germany 2010 again?



    Monaco 2012 had very little going on.



    Have to agree with @james on this one, the Hungarian GP in 2004 was the first time I walked out of the room and went to do something else during the race. I had missed races before due to other commitments, but it’s the only time I remember actually walking away from the TV because the race was so boring.


    Monaco, pick the year you want…



    “Most of the races from 2011 were absolutely atrocious..”

    I remember fantastic racing generally- unfortunately people were so depressed that Vettel often came out on top that they forget that the racing was great through the rest of the field. At the time plenty of people said the perfect season would be the racing of 2011 with the championship battle of 2010.



    Bahrain 2010 was my least favourite this decade. Spain, whether it’s Catalunya or Valencia, is usually one I hate to watch, along with Abu Dhabi. Last year was an exception for both Abu Dhabi and Valencia in my view, however. Hockenheim 2010 is another race that was just painful to see and I’ll never forget how miserable Massa looked afterwards. I thought Singapore 2008 was good until the controversy unfolded a year later. Much of 2004 was dull. Hungary usually produces a dull race but not as frequently as Catalunya in my opinion. And then there’s Indy 2005.

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