Would Hamilton Move Over?

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    Hi All,

    I know it’s a slim possibility, but just imagine for a moment that during the Japanese GP Vettel is eliminated and Hamilton is leading by, lets say, 5 seconds and Button is second, do you think Hamilton would move over to let Button take the win to continue the championship hunt?

    In this situation do you think that:

    1/ Button would ask for it?

    2/ McLaren would ask Hamilton to?

    3/ Hamilton would do it of his own accord?

    My personal opinion is that Hamilton would move over of his own accord, he’s a smart guy and knows that it’s for the good of the team.



    I don’t think Button would ask for it. He’s a smart cookie and he knows there’s no point possibly harming his relationship with Lewis (from his end anyways) to get a 1 in a million shot which probably won’t happen. McLaren should also see it the same way. I don’t think Hamilton would do it of his own accord unless asked to; which I already have said I don’t think they will. He’s in too close a battle of pride against Button; and moving over would just probably guarantee him to finish lower than Button in the standings.



    Very tough call

    I think (i hope i am right) LH would let JB through by himself. He has in fact quite a lot to gain in showing in can be a team player as well.

    1./ and 2./ i can’t say but i am tempted to give them a 51% yes

    By the way SonyJunkie, how did you manage to create a topic ? Everytime i try,i get a “topic not found” message ?



    I’m going to answer as follows…

    1. Should – Button should ask – if the team and Hamilton don’t react on their own

    2. Should – McLaren should ask Hamilton to move over if he doesn’t on his own.

    3. Should – Hamilton should just do it. – He might get a Nike endorsement.

    This doesn’t really answer the ‘would’ they do it but I would hope they would since

    I’ve already established that they should.



    Button would not have to ask for help, he would just catch him and overtake him because Hamilton is all talk….Remember a few years he said that nobody overtakes him…!!!



    1/ Button would ask for it? – Possibly, if Hamilton was in a fight, distracted, or putting in slightly faster laps on occasion.

    2/ McLaren would ask Hamilton to? – Despite McLaren team ethics, they would suggest it to him. Hamilton of course, is his own driver, and the only person in the car.

    3/ Hamilton would do it of his own accord? – Yes, he is a team player, and he’s will do what it takes to help the team if he is not massively effected (ie, he doesn’t loose a few more places due to a tail of other cars behind Button )



    alfaman1- he never said nobody overtakes him. He did; however, say before Hungary 2008; “nobody overtakes me around the outside.” Then Felipe Massa does it to him at Turn 1.



    I think in the context of this situation, Hamilton would pull aside of his own accord.

    Whether or not he see’s him in the mirrors (a la Kobayashi, Spa) is another thing!

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