Would Renault’s (now Lotus) 2011 season have been different if…

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    Younger Hamii

    1. Kubica didn’t break his leg & obviously raced last season
    2. The Upgrades Petrov referred to as ‘useless’ actually worked
    3. Heidfeld had remained in Renault after Hungary
    4. Any reason in particular/specified



    1. Probably Not
    2. Errr I would think so
    3. Nope
    4. If They hadn’t gone down the forward blowing exhaust route they might have got some decent performance out of the EBD.

    There is a lot if If’s here, I’m not really sure of the point of the thread, the same could be done for pretty much all teams except RB!



    For each of those reasons the season would be different, but depends how. Kubica would probably lead the team more than Petrov, Heidfeld or Senna could, which would help with development and getting everything out of the car. That being said, I can’t see him achieving much more than the third places Vitaly and Nick achieved – they were too far behind Hamilton and Button respectively for Robert to be able to make the difference.

    The upgrades didn’t work because the front exhausts made them very difficult to work, so of course it would help them – but it was very hard to make them work.

    The Pirelli tyres hurt them as well. The Bridgestones tended to understeer and Pirellis had more front grip. Therefore downforce on the rear of the car was much more important than in 2010, and normal blown diffusers provided just that.



    1.Definitely, the team needed Kubica’s guidance.
    2.See above
    3.Nope progress was not made with Heidfeld there and it never would!
    4.They developed a great car and never moved on, they lacked leadership and experience.



    1. Kubica might have got a few more points, but not much more. I think he would have scored around 40-50 points. 2009 showed us that Kubica is rubbish in slow cars because his motivation isn’t there.
    2. Yes.
    3. Heidfeld would have scored more points than Senna, but wouldn’t have made much of difference to the WCC.
    4. I think Boullier’s management of the team was poor. The team treated Heidfeld very badly and used him as a scapegoat for the team’s troubles. The main reason for there bad 2011, simply was that many teams surpassed them during the season. The exhaust system didn’t work for long, the upgrades didn’t work, and the car liked to set itself on fire a lot.



    If different things happened than what actually happened, then yes, their season would have been different by default. That’s causality for you.



    1. No. Lotus Renault was genuinely bad last season, so not even a motivated Kubica would’ve changed much. And that’s assuming that he would’ve been motivated, if what Slr said is anything to go by.
    2. Definitely. Lotus was strong at the start of the season, and some actual decent upgrades would’ve at least kept them in the fight for P4 in the constructors’.
    3. Same answer as #1. Heidfeld was better, but he wouldn’t have changed much.
    4. There were way too many things to fix at once, not to mention that Boullier was making bad decisions left and right…



    The main problem was the front exhausts and the EBD, kinda hard to blow a diffuser from 8 feet away…..

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