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    Not entirely sure if anyone bar me will find this interesting. A topic for things that have happened in formula one that weren’t very likely to or something along those lines, in a form of ‘would you believe’, maybe to get an idea of how indeed anything can happen in formula one.

    A few examples:

    In December 2008, when Honda announced to leave the sport, would you believe it if someone had told you Jenson Button would be a world champion in 12 months’ time?

    In early 2007, would you believe it if someone had told you that a 19 year old you’ve never heard of would be a double world champion in four years’ time?

    In September 2009, when Timo Glock finished the Singapore GP in 2nd place, would you believe it if someone had told you he wouldn’t score a single point in the next two years?



    At the end of 2007, after Kimi won the championship, would you believe it if someone had told you that the new world champion would only compete for the next 2 years before being abandoned by his team and abandoning the sport in turn.



    After 2009, would you believe that after only one year, button took on hamilton in the same car and won?



    Would you believe at the Canadian GP Jenson Button would win the race from being in last place on lap 41 after making 5 pit stops and having a puncture?



    @dave I don’t know others but I would have never ever bet on Button’s victory that day when the race restarted behind the safety car.



    At Jerez 1997, when Schumacher took out Villeneuve, would you believe that 14 years on, Villeneuve’s race engineer would work with and be tight with Schumacher?

    At Silverstone 1999, when Schumacher broke his leg, would you believe that he would go on to win the next 5 titles – in a row?



    Apparently, a guy had a bet when Lewis Hamilton was 10 that he would win a race in F1 by the age of 21 and a title by the age of 23. Would you have believed or laughed at him?



    After seeing Senna at his peak in 1990/91, would you believe that he would sadly leave us a few years later due to a car fault, from WILLIAMS of all teams?
    Would you believe, after Ayrton himself described his nephew as faster than him, that Bruno would be buffeted about by various teams and get hated on by F1 Fanatics? (that one was more of a rant but very true)
    I am a fan of Bruno as I never got to see Ayrton race as he was before my time, and it’s sickening to see him dismissed by members of this site when he has never had a car to prove his worth, except for being runner-up to Giorgio Pantano in GP2 in 2008.
    On the topic of Williams – would you believe, after dominating 91/92, that they would be at the back of the field 20 years later (or 10 years after being quite competitive with BMW)



    Remember Button standing by his Honda in 2008 after the Brazilian GP and it was on fire at Parc Ferme, I felt sorry for him that day having to witness Hamilton take the title and I did think that must be hard because there was no way in Hell Button’s going to repeat that… was there?

    I never expected 2 Lotus teams on the grid. Wouldn’t have beleived that before the announcement in winter 2010!



    At the end of 1997, would you believe Villeneuve would never win another race in the next 9 years, then abandon the sport?

    At the end of 2008, would you believe Button and Webber would both go on to win multiple GP’s in the next 3 years?

    At the end of 2006, would you believe Alonso would not in a single title in the next 5 years?

    After a spectacular debut in Bahrain 2006 from the 20 year old, would you believe Nico Rosberg would be winless for another 6 years?

    After Bahrain 2010, would you believe Alonso wouldn’t win a single race until Germany (11 Gp’s later), and only score two podiums in the meantime?

    After 20 laps of the 2011 Spanish GP, would you believe Alonso would be lapped in 40 laps time?



    To add to your second last point @kingshark who would believe Alonso at the 2010 British GP when he said he thought he’d win the championship. Ferrari had a bad race, Alonso hadn’t won since the first round and he was nearly 2 race wins behind in the standings. After all that he goes into the final round as favourite and but for a poorly timed pit stop he would have won it.



    …that Bruno Senna would be racing against one of his uncle’s greatest ever rivals?

    …that Rubens Barrichello would contest over a third of all Grands Prix ever held?

    …that Rubens Barrichello could race for another 4 or 5 years if he maintained the same level of fitness as Schumacher?

    …that despite being absolutely thrashed by Vettel; Webber, Alonso and Button could and likely will score more points than Vettel did when he won the title last year? I think it highlights that they’ve really not had bad seasons at all – it’s just Vettel has had a monumental season.



    Webber could, but it’s unlikely that he will. Very impressive by Alonso and Button though.



    I wouldn’t have believed that Felipe Massa would have been dominated by Alonso, after he briefly led the world championship last year.

    After 2007, I would not have believed that Nick Heidfeld still would have not won a race yet.



    I have a bunch I’m sure I could come up with, but my ultimate ‘would not, could not believe’ will always be this after Fuji 2007

    After all that happened at McLaren in 2007 and after Alonso’s struggle to reach Hamilton in the championship after the NA leg in June, and after eating point by point into the deficit, for Hamilton to lead wire-to-wire from pole in an absolutely drenching wet race and gain ten more points than Alonso, for Kimi to be 17 points back with two races remaining, not only was I convinced Hamilton was just a WDC elect but he would convincingly beat Alonso not only by opinion but in the championship as well.

    Well Hamilton did the last thing, but they were level. Point being, those seventeen points.

    Those last three races of 2007, even if not nearly as fun as the bungled 2008 WDC that came down to a closer wire, are an absolute master class in pressure and intensity in sport.

    No one could have ever taken the next two rounds right after Fuji. It was improbable in a huge number of ways.

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