Would you rather – F1 Fanatic edition

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    Felipe Bomeny

    Here goes- a simple “would you rather” game. The user presents a question in the “would you rather” format woth two answer choices. The topics can range from teammates, cars, crashes, or even cheeky F1Fanatic-themed responses. The first person to answer automatically gets the next one, as there are no right or wrong answers.

    Would you rather….

    Have Ayrton Senna for a teammate or Fernando Alonso for a teammate?



    Ayrton Senna, as I wouldn’t need to let him through or crash for him.

    Would you rather win in Abu Dhabi or be on the podium in Monaco?



    win at Abu Dhabi. I always thought I’d say a podium at Monaco. Would you rather race for Mclaren or Ferrari?


    McLaren, because they aren’t Ferrari.

    Would you rather race in a car with KERS but no DRS, or in a car with DRS but no KERS?



    KERS and no DRS in my opinion. Its more tactical and can be used anywhere

    Would you rather race with a manual gearstick transmission, huge tyres and no traction control or race in one of the current day faster F1 cars but with flappy paddles and all sorts of technology?



    New – Flappy paddlestick.

    Would you rather have refueling back with no tyre changes or full tanks with tyre changes?



    I’d rather be on the podium in Monaco.

    EDIT : going too fast. Erm, so I’d rather refuel with no tyre changes. I’m that king of gal, you see.

    Would you rather sign up to wear an unpredictable and possibly circus-inspired 2011 McLaren suit or an unpredictable and possibly why?huh?no clue?-inspired Vettel helmet?



    Vettel helmet because I wouldn’t want to drive for McLaren

    Would you rather win your home grand prix, or win the Italian GP in a Ferrari?



    I’m never going to be able to participate *hands raised to the sky*

    Should I re-edit once more?



    Italian GP in a Ferrai.

    Would you rather win no races at all but consistently beat your team mate or be a number 2 at a top team and bag a few wins?

    Lol Trix, don’t worry about it!



    Win no races but beat my teammate!

    Would you rather have (in your team) an experienced driver (type of Trulli or Barrichello) or a young talent like Perez or di Resta?


    Felipe Bomeny

    Young talent- I’d choose the young guns because they’re already beating the veterans and they’re acquiring a large fanbase!

    Would you rather experience Glock’s Suzuka crash or Kubica’s Canada crash?



    Kubica’s Canada crash, it looked way cool !

    Would you rather count Bernie’s money or clean Max’s dungeon ?



    I’ll let someone else answer that one!

    Should I re-edit once more?




    Count Bernie’s money and pocket some for myself :P

    Would you rather have a race long battle with Schumacher or Alonso?

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