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    It’s 4:30 in the morning here, and I had this completely random thought: F1 is a lot more like wrestling than it seems at first glance.

    How so?

    You have your rivalries – there will be the all-timers, but more often than not, the main rivalry changes every year or so.

    Wrestling example – There have been rivalries built up between each member of the group of Cena, Orton, Triple H, and Undertaker.

    F1 example – There have been rivalries built up between each member of the group of Alonso, Hamilton, Vettel, and Schumacher.

    Faces and heels – the characters always seem to alternate between the good guys (faces) and the bad guys (heels).

    Wrestling example – Randy Orton started as a face, then went heel, then face, then back to heel, and is now a face again.

    F1 example – Fernando Alonso started out as a massive fan favorite as he beat Schumi (face), then suddenly turned when he blackmailed McLaren out of a title (heel). He became a favorite again as he ended Renault’s winning drought (face), only for us to find out that Flav fixed the result (heel). I’m sure we can come up with similar examples for Lewis, Vettel (faces-turned-heels), and even Schumi (heel-turned-face).

    Authority figure – He’s the guy we usually love to hate and makes sure everything falls into place.

    Wrestling example – Mr. McMahon

    F1 example – Mr. Ecclestone

    Crazy plot twists – They both have them by the bucketload, from the silly (match intervention in wrestling, stewards decisions in F1) to the downright insane (roster breakaway in wrestling, teams breakaway in F1). Sometimes you wonder how F1 isn’t scripted.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I wonder if other wrestling fans would see what I mean?



    As someone who is quickly losing interest in wrestling, I’d say it’s the other way around, Wrestling is more like F1. WWE is like a sitcom which takes on a sporting format. Every sport creates drama and has a story to it, it is just that WWE scripts the drama. I see what you’re saying, but WWE’s stories could be compared to most sports IMO.



    I used to follow wrestling, and I agree!



    If only we had F1 divas… mmmmm…



    I think,Journeyer, these similarities can be applied to most sports. Rivalries and likable characters are common in all of them.



    TrueF1Grit makes a good point – but now that I think about it, I think it’s more applicable to F1 than in other sports – especially the part where drivers/teams change from good guy to bad guy more quickly than I can change clothes. But other than that, it may be a rather generic thing.

    Dougy_D, maybe Bernie’s missing a trick here? ;)



    oh boy, there’s talking nonsense, and there’s Talking Nonsense. Journeyer, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you “Santa Claus isn’t real”, but if you know how to write and how to post in a forum, you’re probably old enough to know the truth. And at least this thread won’t be so pointless.

    Wrestling is not a sport. Formula One is, ok? The difference is that the first one is a soap opera where the events are scripted and the actors-wrestlers know beforehand who’s going to win, how the fight is going to be, what lines to say before and after, etc. There’s no free will. It’s literally a soap opera, or TV series, if you prefer. Formula One and any sport and the outcome depends of the strenght, will and skill of each competitor, be it a car, a driver or a team principal, technical director, etc. In principle, any driver can win or get a DNF or be the last. No one, not even Mr. Bernie Eclestone know what will happen before the race.

    Please don’t compare any sport with wrestling, it’s outrageous. And before you make an inflamed post stating how great your dear wrestling is, please, take a deep breath and, if you doubt what I’m saying make a google search to see what grown ups think about it, if you don’t doubt, if you know it’s like that, that’s all what I’m saying, I’m not trying to dismiss or diminishing wrestling, just saying what it is and that can’t be compared with real sports.

    EDIT: I’ve noticed your sentence “Sometimes you wonder how F1 isn’t scripted.” implying you don’t believe in Papa Noel after all. If so, kind of devalues my post but shame on you for making the comparation…



    I always thought Nascar was like WWE. Not F1 though.



    I though Nascar was real. Are you sure about that, Doance?



    Vettel: Randy Orton – Current World champion, seems unbeatable.

    Alonso: The Undertaker – The evil guy.

    Hamilton: John Cena – The name and face of F1.

    Schumacher: Triple H – by far the most succesful.

    Rosberg: John Morrison – Pretty boy.

    I’m sure I could find more examples.



    Love the comparisons, Kingshark! I’d say Schumacher is more Undertaker than Triple H – the guy’s been around forever, hated the most in the mid90s, but is actually somewhat liked now. He could also be Ric Flair – the “Dirtiest Player in the Game”, with the most championships in history. Just like Undertaker, relatively loved now. Flair’s also tried a comeback, but most people also agree that wasn’t a good idea.

    Somehow, I can easily picture Alonso using (and swinging) a sledgehammer. :D



    One more thing for the wrestling-F1 comparison: they both see amazing tag teams that then break up and fight each other for singles glory. You easily see the same with F1 teammate rivalries – and this would be rare in any other sport outside of motorsports. And as always, when tag teams break up, they have to break up in some unbelievably crazy fashion.

    Cases in point:

    1. Prost-Senna (Prost finally betraying Senna in Suzuka 89)

    2. Alonso-Hamilton (Alonso holding up Hamilton in the pits – it would be like Alonso pulling Hamilton out of the ring!)

    3. Webber-Vettel (Turkey 2010 ring any bells?)



    JJ Lehto, calm down! He just said there are similarities between the two, he didn’t say its real, heck he didn’t even say its a sport. Don’t see why you’ve made a outburst for.



    @journeyer. LMAO…Ric Flair really does remind of Schumacher!

    What a hilarious thread man.. and I think LL Jehto needs to calm down. This isn’t a serious thread comparing sports, its just a light hearted discussion.



    I’d compare Alonso to CM Punk more than anyone else, both characters want everything to be built around them. Hamilton could also be compared to Punk because he likes to rebel against authority.

    I’d also compare Barrichello to Hulk Hogan, they’re both old men who just won’t go away, though if Barrichello went, I’d miss him, unlike Hogan.

    My final comparison is Kamui Kobayashi to Jeff Hardy, they’re both daredevils in their respective jobs and never pass us a high risk oppotunity.

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