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    With HRT switching their driver line-up, it made me wonder what exactly this does in terms of the “8 engines” rule.

    Does Yamamoto get a separate supply of 8 engines on top of the 8 for Senna and 8 for Chandhok?

    OR, given that Yamamoto has raced in both car 20 and car 21 (ie Senna’s car and Chandhok’s car) on separate occasions, has he taken 1 engine from each driver’s allocation?

    The reason I ask is that either way, it has implications for other teams to manipulate the rule.

    If the rule is 8 engines per driver, then if a driver runs out of engines, can the team being in another driver for the last few races and get a whole new set of engines without penalties?

    If the rule is 8 engines per car, then if Alonso runs out of engines, can Ferrari get around the penalties be saying that they are going to switch him to Massa’s car (ie, car 7, not car 8, maybe even placing an all-new driver in car 8 if required)?



    There are 8 engines per driver. The engines are painted and allocated to each driver. When a reserve driver takes over from a driver, he takes that drivers engines allocation.

    So if he is replacing Bruno he would inherit Bruno’s 8 engines. If he is replacing Karun he will inherit those 8 engines. He doesn’t get his own 8 brand new allocation. Lets put it this way if HRT only had one engine left for Bruno and Yamamoto where to take over driver duty, he would only have that one engine too.

    There is no way to manipulate this, Massa can’t use Alonso’s engine allocation, the rules are as clear as day on that.



    A better way of explaining it is that each car has 8 engines allocaed to it. So it doesn’t matter who drives it, they can only use those 8 engines.



    Yes, that’s how I understood it too, that’s why I was surprised to find a driver can drive both of a team’s cars in a single season. My main concern was whether that meant a team’s no1 driver could use his engine then switch to the team’s other car – I’m glad to know that’s been thought of, as it would have left the door open to a HUGE end of season controversy!

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