You can cheer up Robert Kubica, too!

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    Hello everyone! Here is the information for Robert Kubica’s fan:

    A few people from Poland hit on an excellent idea, how to show Robert our support. There is an action called ‘Mozaika dla Roberta’ (‘The Mosaic for Robert’). It’s destination is to create a portrait-mosaic of Robert Kubica with pictures sent by his fans. If you know Polish language, just log in on this website: (I do not know if I can write direct website address, so I will do it in this way: )


    and put the pictures of you, your family member or friends on it’s server. There is a tool, which automatically crops the picture to the required size. However, I suspect that not many people here knows Polish, so if you have some troubles with sending a photo via our website and want to get more information about it – write on this e-mail address:


    (Just note: the minimum dimension of the picture is 120×160 pixels. The activity is completely safe. Pictures will not be given anywhere else. You can be 100% sure.)

    The ‘picture’ of Robert will be printed as a poster, the dimension is dependent on an amount of sent photos. Assuming, that we will collect 15 000 photos (what is our current target), the size will be about 150 cm x 200 cm. In the middle of the poster we will put inscription ROBERT WE ARE WITH YOU. We have professional graphic, who knows what to do and he is with us. The mosaic will be given to Robert Kubica – you may be sure of it!

    There is also a plan, to make it available to each of you to download the poster, print it and hang it on a wall in your rooms :D

    Now, we have about 5400 pictures of Robert’s fans, so it is still not enough. We really hope you will help us to make this great gift for Robert. We would like him to feel our positive energy, flowing from thousands of (not only Polish) supporters!


    Sorry, if there are any mistakes above ;)



    Lovely idea! On my phone at the moment but i’ll try to remember to do this!




    Oh, we would be very grateful!



    Nudge me on Twitter @andrewdtanner if I forget. At the girlfriends tonight.



    Sure. have good time! ;D



    I did. I had curry AND cake.

    Feeling pretty lardy today.



    I’ve just done this…! :)



    Thank you @mayrossy ! :)



    I wish very best for Kubica. Up to this: http://robertscomeback.blogspot.com/2011/05/saturday-2105-kubica-is-albe-to-graps.html#more he is able to catch things. It`s a great news.

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