You know it's the summer break when…

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    Your Twitter feed is full of Football chat.

    The latest round up has only two articles in it.

    You’re watching a NASCAR race.


    …it’s raining outside.



    It’s hot outside.

    I’m not looking forward too sundays.

    I’m watching WWE Vintage on Saturday.



    …you’ve stopped anticipating the next F1 race because your mind is trained to think the season’s over if there’s more than three weeks between races.

    …BasCB only has 500 comments in the past 30 days



    When you are sad & feel like someone have kill your heart.



    you don’t quite know what to do with yourself when F1 would normally be on

    you half dread checking F1f in case there’s no news

    there are a lot less new forum threads because there just isn’t much to say

    the best F1 fix you can get is watching Button’s awful Head&Shoulders advert

    when you look forward to the most ridiculous silly season rumours just because it’s the only F1 chatter around



    BasCB only has 500 comments in the past 30 days

    Really? :-o I’ll have to check!

    Anyway, to continue with this trend…

    …you find yourself watching old Collantine Cup races in a chat room with Magnificent Geoffrey and Steph (gives you an indication of how bored she is!)

    …you haven’t turned the TV on for days, if not weeks (I only tend to watch F1 on TV)

    …the round-ups are basically the only articles being posted on the site

    …you’re watching a video of Katy laughing at nothing for 3 minutes

    …threads like this start popping up.


    Tom L.

    … you watch back over the 1999 European GP and discover that Bernie’s much-derided sprinkler idea was in fact by proposed by Murray Walker during that race!

    … you wonder if people would have reacted to this idea in the same way coming from Murray rather than Bernie.

    … you ask yourself whether, in the absence of much F1 news to discuss, the above is worthy of a forum thread – I decided probably not :D


    Alianora La Canta

    …there’s nothing on TV.

    …your family finds time to go karting together.

    …you suddenly feel tempted to spend all day playing computer games instead of on the internet.

    …you wonder where half your social circle’s gone.

    …household talk centres around boats and work instead of cars and racing.

    …you can’t predict when lunch will be served at weekends because Mum can’t guarantee a time when everyone will be in the same room.

    …you’ve forgotten where you left your stack of paper (which is mostly used for writing race notes).

    …you’ve bought a book on F1 simply to fight off the lack of race-based adrenaline.

    …you scream at Twitter to give you some proper news and you start defining “proper news” as “anything involving racing in some way”.

    …the sun is shining and you see white fluffy circuit-shaped clouds in the sky.



    …you feel the bitter disappointment when your alarm goes off on sunday at 12:09 (im a student) ready to watch the race, turn on bbc 1 and wonder why cash in the bl**dy attic is on!!

    …you start taking racing lines when you walk around the house



    You watch videos about McLaren Applied Technology as its the nearest thing to an F1 fix.



    I absolutely agree with Icthyes’ first point!


    Dan Thorn

    …You excitedly watch whatever random motorsport is on Channel 4 at 7am on a sunday before you go to work

    …You have to spend sunday afternoons helipng your girlfriend tidy up and moves things, rather than having racing as an excuse

    …You make guided tour videos of your F1 models so that Steph can understand just why I don’t have an Alfa Romeo 159 on display…

    …You draw F1 circuits on the floor with your finger whilst sitting on the karsi…

    …you’re watching a video of Katy laughing at nothing for 3 minutes

    And this.


    Keith Collantine

    You have time between writing articles to work on the next upgrade to the site…



    You have time between writing articles to work on the next upgrade to the site…

    Ooh! I’m excited now! (Must be the summer break…)

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