You know it's the summer break when…

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    You watch races on Motors TV even though you have no idea what series it is.


    Craig Woollard

    You win the World Championship after a thrilling fight with Alonso on F1CE, after being 37 points behind after just 6 races, and in 5th place, to clinch the title at Suzuka with a 4th place after overtaking Mark Webber at the Casio Triangle on the last lap at Suzuka. Winning the title by 13 points overall after a dramatic last race of the season at Brazil where you struggle to keep the Renault behind through the whole race, but somehow manage to win your 7th race of the season. Also having driven for 3 teams throughout the season. Super Aguri for the first 8 races, taking a win at Monaco and a 2nd at Imola. Wins at Canada, France, Hungary & Italy for Toyota. And then finally a win at China and Brazil for Ferrari before moving to McLaren for the beginning of the new season.

    It’s a long break as you can tell!

    Also, watching as many race edits on YouTube.



    you start to forget about the current F1 season and drift off only to return to the sport and love it even more than when you left!



    Or you watch World series by Renault (there’s only three drivers that I know)

    and one of them is Ricciardo :)



    When your bored out of your god damn mind!!!



    When you can go a whole day without doing anything that has anything to do with f1. No reading of f1 news, no f1 chat, no watching old races etc.

    Only managed it one day at sea side though!



    …you waste time watching old A1GP races, recognising drivers such as Hulkenberg and Sutil and wondering how Neel Jani, Adam Carroll and Nicolas Lapierre aren’t in F1. :)


    Bradley Downton

    you’re an F1 driver driving in World Series by Renault…



    Bradley wins the thread



    you see your brother, or is that just me?


    Bradley Downton

    WOOO, cheers Icthyes :D aha



    “…You make guided tour videos of your F1 models so that Steph can understand just why I don’t have an Alfa Romeo 159 on display..”

    I really appreciated that mini F1 fix if it’s any consolation :P :)

    …when you had seriously consider cancelling your F1 magazine subscription but when it turns up during the break you think it’s the best thing ever written.

    …when (as brilliant as it was) a thread turns up discussing the best ever F1 names



    You start planning your strategy for retaking control of the sitting room and large screen back from the family.



    You find yourself reading and writing on posts like this.

Viewing 14 posts - 16 through 29 (of 29 total)

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