You know you’re an F1 Fanatic when…


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    Whenever you see the a (family) name of an F1 driver, you instantly remember something about that driver. Happens to me a lot with the name Verstappen lately.


    When the bus I take to go home everyday makes a fast right-left in a narrow street, I always think “chicane” and in roundabouts I think “Turn 8”. (and if you are an F1F, you know what turn 8 I’m talking about :P)


    …and whenever I see some symbols painted on the road (as when the water company drafts angles on the asphalt), I remember the Nordschleife!!!



    When you are in your car and you press the tailgate release button on the dash while moving, expecting a 20-30kph gain in speed, thinking it will work exactly the same as DRS… (not really of course!)



    @jojobudgie also with the shopping trolley

Viewing 5 posts - 91 through 95 (of 95 total)

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