You know you really support your driver when…

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    …You avoid crashing into him on F1 2010

    …You don’t say “Oh my God” but “Oh my Fernando”

    …You draw him, and then get angry when you make a mistake, but can’t bring yourself to put it in the bin

    …You watch the Korean Grand Prix every day


    Oli Peacock

    haha lol great ones there daykind


    Dan Thorn

    …When on nights out you and your friends implement ‘Operation Fernando’ and convince strangers that you’re a Spanish chap who changed his name to Fernando in honour of his favourite Formula One driver.


    sbl on tour

    when you know he,s been a total a.., but you defend it, shrug it off, or think well thats why he,s world champion and drives for ferrari

    mind you I couldnt say the same for his boss, he is an a..



    Wow, all Alonso fans so far! fantastic!



    …You have named your laptop Heikki

    …You consider learning the Finnish language just because of him

    …You believe that a 17th place in qualifying is worthy of celebration

    …You are angry as the world feed is showing a boring fight over the lead between Vettel and Alonso, while much more exciting things are happening in the back of the field



    …when your F1 Fanatic username is this

    …and also your Xbox Live Gamertag…



    On F1 2010 you deliberately put every other driver into the wall so you can have a tight Championship battle with Hamilton, then come the final race loose…



    I have two favourites so I’ll try them for each.

    For Felipe:

    …after years of silly season rumours coming to nothing you still get outraged by any suggestion that your favourite should be replaced

    …you develop an irrational hatred of springs

    …you know word for word your argument (including examples) that he can in fact drive perfectly well in the rain and he can overtake.

    …past of you misses that awful day Hamilton won the title just because Massa won the race

    …any suggestion that Massa let Alonso through at Aus or Belgium this year sends you in a huff

    …you dread pitstops

    …you can’t bear to overtake him so let him win on F1 2010

    For Fernando:

    …you start to feel that Mclaren must be complete idiots for letting him go like they were with Gilles

    …you even like his eyebrows

    …you don’t think he’s moody at all but cheerful the majority of the time

    …despite your other favourite being humiliated at Germany last year you still say it had nothing to do with Fernando and that it was Ferrari’s decision

    …you wonder how on earth Ferrari ever won the 2 WCCs and 1 WDC in the time between him and Schumacher

    …you get increasingly annoyed with Ferrari race by race for still not having a good enough car and therefore are wasting his talent

    …you think 08 and 09 were some of the worst years for the sport simply because this great wasn’t in a competitive car



    …you develop an irrational hatred of springs

    I love this one!


    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    One of your favorite childhood toys is named after him.

    You maintain he was one of the greatest drivers to never win a world championship, and find every piece of evidence to prove it.

    You are seriously considering naming your child Juan Pablo.

    You think he is possibly the coolest person ever.

    Montoya <3


    Ned Flanders

    …when you refer to him as HWNSNBM

    (tis an F1 Rejects in-joke)


    When you buy a “Kobayashi” head band in Japan and wear it to an F1Fanatic meet-up in Melbourne…



    …you even like his eyebrows

    LOL :)



    …when you’re happy to see him win, I guess.

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