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    There’s always a lot of talk about who’s over-rated and who’s under-rated, so who would you put in which car. Who do you think deserves to drive for Red Bull and who do you think deserves to be in a HRT.

    Use the current 24 drivers. 2 in each team.

    Red Bull Racing:

    McLaren Mercedes:

    Scuderia Ferrari:

    Mercedes GP:

    Lotus Renault GP:


    Force India:

    Sauber Motorsport:

    Scuderia Toro Rosso:

    Team Lotus:

    Virgin Racing:

    Hispania Racing:



    Red Bull Racing: Alonso, Hamilton

    McLaren Mercedes: Vettel, Schumacher

    Scuderia Ferrari: Rosberg, Kobayashi

    Mercedes GP: Webber, Button

    Lotus Renault GP: Massa, Barrichello

    Williams: Perez, Sutil

    Force India: Glock, Kovalainen

    Sauber Motorsport: Di Resta, Petrov

    Scuderia Toro Rosso: Alguersuari, Buemi

    Team Lotus: Heidfeld, Maldonado

    Virgin Racing: Liuzzi, D’Ambrosio

    Hispania Racing: Karthikeyan, Trulli


    Bradley Downton

    Red Bull Racing: Vettel & Hamilton

    McLaren Mercedes: Alonso & Kubica

    Scuderia Ferrari: Schumacher & Perez

    Mercedes GP: Glock & Kovalainen

    Lotus Renault GP: Kobayashi & Rosberg

    Williams: Alguersuari & di Resta

    Force India: Petrov & Button

    Sauber Motorsport: Webber & d’Ambrosio

    Scuderia Toro Rosso: Sutil & Heidfeld

    Team Lotus: Barrichello & Buemi

    Virgin Racing: Liuzzi & Trulli

    Hispania Racing: Karthikeyan & Maldonado



    Red Bull Racing: Vettel & Hamilton

    McLaren Mercedes: Alonso & Schumacher

    Scuderia Ferrari: Button & Rosberg

    Mercedes GP: Webber & Kobayashi

    Lotus Renault GP: Glock & Petrov

    Williams:Barrichello & Sutil

    Force India: Massa & Perez

    Sauber Motorsport: Heidfeld & Buemi

    Scuderia Toro Rosso: Alguersuari & Liuzzi

    Team Lotus: Di Resta & Kovalainen

    Virgin Racing: Maldonado & D’Ambrosio

    Hispania Racing: Trulli & Karthikeyan



    Red Bull Racing: Alonso, Vettel

    McLaren Mercedes: Massa, Hamilton

    Scuderia Ferrari: Webber, Schumacher

    Mercedes GP: Button, Rosberg

    Lotus Renault GP: Petrov, Perez

    Williams: Kobayashi, Di Resta

    Force India: Barrichello, Trulli

    Sauber Motorsport: Heidfeld, Kovalainen

    Scuderia Toro Rosso: Alguersuari, Sutil

    Team Lotus: Buemi, Liuzzi

    Virgin Racing: D’Ambrosio, Maldonado

    Hispania Racing: Karthikeyan, Glock



    Obviously I would never want to see Hamilton in anything other than a McLaren and I quite like Vettel and Alonso where they are now (although I’d love to see Alonso back at McLaren), but as this is just purely indicative here goes:

    Red Bull Racing: Hamilton, Alonso

    McLaren Mercedes: Schumacher, Vettel

    Scuderia Ferrari: Webber, Rosberg

    Mercedes GP: Massa, Button

    Lotus Renault GP: Kobayashi, Barichello

    Williams: Petrov, Di Resta

    Force India: Heidfeld, Kovalainen

    Sauber Motorsport: Glock, Sutil

    Scuderia Toro Rosso: Buemi, Maldonano

    Team Lotus: Perez, Algusuari

    Virgin Racing: D’Ambrosio, Liuzzi

    Hispania Racing: Trulli, Karthikeyen



    My god, how over rated is Rosberg. He’s not that good people.



    Red Bull Racing: Button & Webber

    McLaren Mercedes: Hamilton & Kobayashi

    Scuderia Ferrari: Alonso & Barrichello

    Mercedes GP: Vettel & Schumacher

    Lotus Renault GP: Rosberg & Kovalainen

    Williams: Di Resta & Perez

    Force India: Chandhok & Fisichella

    Sauber Motorsport: Glock & Sutil

    Scuderia Toro Rosso: Buemi & Heidfeld

    Team Lotus: Massa & Maldonado

    Virgin Racing: D’ambrosio & Alguesuari

    Hispania Racing: Trulli & Karthikeyen

    Liuzzi shouldn’t even be in F1.



    Red Bull Racing: Vettel, Alonso

    McLaren Mercedes: Hamilton, Rosberg

    Scuderia Ferrari: Kobayashi, Sutil

    Mercedes GP: Webber, Button

    Lotus Renault GP: Schumacher, Petrov

    Williams: Di Resta, Barrichello

    Force India: Glock, Alguersuari

    Sauber Motorsport: Perez, Heidfeld

    Scuderia Toro Rosso: Buemi, Maldonado

    Team Lotus: Kovalainen, Massa

    Virgin Racing: D’ambrosio, Liuzzi

    Hispania Racing: Trulli, Karthikeyen

    Rosberg and Hamilton would be the interesting one I think. Why is Rosberg overrated, Macca? Who should be getting his praise instead? He did outperform a multiple world champion last year, he can’t be that bad.



    Yer, a multiple world champion that was 41 and been out of the sport for 3 years.


    Adam Tate

    Red Bull Racing: Vettel, Hamilton

    McLaren Mercedes: Massa, Button

    Scuderia Ferrari: Webber, Glock

    Mercedes GP: Schumacher, Alonso

    Lotus Renault GP: Rosberg, Heidfeld

    Williams: Barichello, Trulli

    Force India: Kovalainen, Petrov

    Sauber Motorsport: Kobayashi, Perez

    Scuderia Toro Rosso: Alguersuari, Buemi

    Team Lotus: Liuzzi, Sutil

    Virgin Racing: D’Ambrosio, Di Resta

    Hispania Racing: Maldonado, Karthikeyen

    The set up at Redbull and Mercedes would make for fireworks, I think the Ferrari partnership of Webber and Glock would work quite well, but Massa and Button for Mclaren would be by far the most harmonious and my favorite to boot!

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