Your best and worst moments of the 2011 F1 season

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    Best moment: Hearing that Perez was basically ok after his Monaco crash.

    Worst moment: The wait after that same crash. I honestly thought he might be dead. I’ve had the same horrible sick feeling three times this year: after that crash, and after the crashes of Marco Simoncelli and Dan Wheldon.


    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    Best moments: Button’s win in Canada, I’m not a major fan of Button, but that had me jumping out of my seat cheering, spectacular!
    Heidfeld podium in Malaysia
    Alonso seemingly turning it on at important races, Spain and Monza, brilliant


    The championship battle, or should I say lack of, good races, boring result



    Vettel pass on Alonso in Monza
    Vettel winning Monza and Spa
    Vettel´s pole in Monaco
    Eddie Jordan and DC in the pool
    India dance intro by BBC
    Finding out that Hamilton had breakup with the PussyCat Doll

    Dan Welthon and Simoncelli´s death
    Finding out that Hamilton wants to get back with the PussyCat Doll
    Heidfeld being drop by Renault
    Kubica´s accident



    The cheering of the fans at the start of the Spanish and Italian Grands Prix. I love when the crowds go crazy, so I guess I have to thank Alonso for that!
    The 20 laps before the red flag in Monaco.
    The first laps of the Hungarian Grand Prix. Watching the drivers struggling just to keep the cars on the track was amazing!

    The DRS. ‘Honourable’ mentions to the zones in Turkey, Canada, Spa and Abu Dhabi.
    Schumacher losing a podium finish due to the DRS.
    The red flag at Monaco. Of course, it was the right decision, and I think drivers should be able to change tyres before the restart, but the last laps were totally anti-climatic.



    The tension of the Monaco GP – three drivers from three teams on three different strategies being on their last stints, with each faster than the one in front. So close to each other, in the unforgiving streets of Monaco, it was one of the most nail-bitting and exciting moments of the season. The red flag ruined it, but perhaps it’s for the best.

    Webber vs. Alonso – a huge amount of respect for each other and trust in each other, producing some phenomenal battles and breath-taking overtakes throughout the year, the best one being the spectacular one at Eau Rouge. This year it seemed there were two pairs of drivers magnetic for each other in the races: Alonso and Webber, and Hamilton and Massa. Needless to say which pair handled it better.

    The Chinese Grand Prix – the best grand prix I’ve ever seen. Halfway through I thought any of the 5 drivers could win it and it played out fantastic in the end. Hamilton was often criticised this year for being too aggresive, but people tend to forget that’s exactly what won him that race with some brilliant overtaking moves.


    Ritvik Vinodkumar

    The best :
    The last lap of Canadian grand prix.
    Hamilton’s pole in Korea.
    Hamilton vs Schumacher in Monza.
    Webber’s overtake on Alonso at Spa.
    Hamilton and Alonso coming out of the pits when Webber was attempting to overtake Massa at the Nurburgring.

    The worst :
    That crash in monaco which ruined an amazing race.
    Vettel running away with the championship.


    Adam Tate

    The Best:

    Schumacher in Canada, just incredible, he deserved that podium.
    The Entire Chinese GP, especially Hamilton on Vettel.
    Webber on Alonso at Spa, Webber on Alonso at Singapore.
    Button in Canada.
    Vettel on Alonso at Monza, Vettel on Rosberg at Spa
    Heidfeld on the podium
    Heidfeld last to 8th in one race!
    The pole shootout in Japan
    Vettel staying humble and cheerful, 15 poles!
    DRS (just remember the processional races of old)


    The Massa-Hamilton collisions and feud.
    The crash and anti-climactic end of the Monaco GP
    Renault dropping Heidfeld
    Massa’s poor season
    Schumacher loosing the podium in Canada due to DRS
    India was boring.
    Austin might not happen.
    DRS (Maybe they should make the wing slot just a wee bit less)



    Best moment: Button on Vettel in Canada, and Alonso’s brilliant start in Spain.
    Worst moment: The championship battle or lack of it, and the finger.




    1) Alonso win at Silverstone
    2) Vettel spraying champagne on one of the royal guards at Monaco
    3) Button getting past Vettel on the last lap of the Canadian GP
    4) Hamilton and Massa scrapping at Monaco


    1) Webber being asked to hold position when closing in on Vettel
    2) The safety car period at the end of the Monaco race
    3) Every second of the Valencia GP
    4) Kubica missing on the grid was by worst part of this season



    I’d put the whole Canadian GP as best moment of the season. More specifically:
    1. Jenson Button overtaking Sebastian Vettel on the final lap of the Canadian GP
    – That moment was thirlling to say the least, who would’ve expected Jenson’s comeback from last to first? Certainly not me! He was reaching Vettel and could’ve passed him in the final DRS zone, his pace was incredible, then Vettel put a wheel a few inches on the wet surface and he was behind Jenson. Awesome.
    2. Fernando Alonso winning in Silverstone on the 60th anniversary since Ferrari’s first win, on the track and in Formula 1.
    – It was so emotional, and more so for the fans, to see a great champion give his team a win, on the same circuit as that on which they had won their first race, sixty years before. It shows how long Ferrari have been in the sport, and how long they have been fighting for victories. Despite a difficult year, once again they won an important race: I’d put this win as second to the 1988 Italian GP win Ferrari obtained a few days after Enzo Ferrari’s death, in the list of most significant victories.


    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    Also, Heidfeld being dropped :(



    Best – The moment I realised it was Schumi ahead of Kobayashi/Massa in Canada
    – Webber’s overtake on Alonso
    – Seeing Schumacher v Hamilton at Monza
    – The tension of the Monaco Grand Prix (before the red flag)

    Worst – Schumacher having his podium finish taken away by DRS in Canada


    sbl on tour

    best, going to nurburgring in july
    worst, some of those tv borefests on a sunday afternoon



    Best moments

    -Alonso’s crazy starts and Barcelona and Monza, seeing the crazy Ferrari fans cheer their hero as he made some of the best starts in recent years really brought the passion of F1 right into me.

    -Webber’s overtake on Alonso at Spa; I just held my breath as the both went up Eu Rouge side by side. What a moment!

    -The whole Canadian Gp- Once again F1 showed its unpredictability with an amazing drive by JB after what was looking like it was going to be a terrible race for McLaren. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that race.

    Worst moments

    -Kubica missing the season. After Robert worked wonders with the Renault back in 2010 I was really looking forward to seeing what he could’ve been able to do in 2011. Sadly that wasn’t to be :(

    -The ending of the the Monaco Gp. I felt really robbed after the red flag, I thought the tension and weather or not Button or Alonso were going to risk an overtake was going to make this a modern classic. Sadly the whole red-flag-comes-out-re-build-your-car fiasco spoiled it. :/

    -DRS. Yes ok its not secret that F1 has lacked overtaking in recent years but that doesn’t mean you have to take away the skill that requires you to defend a position. I for one felt quiet annoyed when drivers lost positions very easily to DRS when for 90% of the lap they were more than capable of defending against the driver attempting to overtake. It kind of makes the racing feel artificial.



    Best moments:
    – Schumacher’s brilliant drive in Canada – DRS robbed him of a podium (more on that later) edit: And what an overtake on Kobayashi and Massa – just incredible opportunist driving
    – Actually the whole race in Canada
    – Heidfeild and Petrov on the podium
    – Button’s great second half of the season
    – Webber’s overtake at Eau Rouge – that could have gone incredibly badly wrong
    – Kobayshi and Perez – they show a lot of promise

    Worst moments:
    – DRS – I can see the point, but the implementation feels far too false for my liking
    – Sauber’s traditional slide down the field
    – The whole Lotus vs Lotus fail, what a mess for all concerned
    – Not directly F1-related, but the deaths of Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli cast a dark shadow over motorsport.

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