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    Craig Woollard

    I think it will be interesting to see what people’s most memorable races of all time are.

    For those of you unaware of this/how it works, the BBC run a weekly section on their website, asking the current grid of their 4 most memorable races, and the BBC will show highlights of those races, extended highlights (as they will show in 2012) for one of the races, and highlights from last year’s edition of whichever race the weekend falls on. And the ones they pick will vary. Some will choose races they have been in, races with milestones, races they watched in the past, some races from even before they were born.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/andrewbenson/2011/09/pastor_maldonado_-_classic_f1.html this is the most recent instalment. (May be unavailable outside of the UK)

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/andrewbenson/andrew_benson/ Links to the BBC’s videos can be found here.

    I’ll pick my races first. I have picked races of which 3 of my favourite all time drivers won. Also, 3 of these races were wet. Really wet.

    Please try to put the races in chronological order.

    1997 European Grand Prix

    The first race I can remember watching. I had watched the qualifying the day before and I was confused by Schumacher, Villeneuve and Frentzen setting all the same time. But this was not the main reason why I remember this.

    I’ll always remember watching ‘that’ crash. And I then saw the two black and white cars, which have always been my favourite cars, win 1-2. And it was my first F1 hero’s grand prix win after starting his career in 1991 with a late charge. It will always go down as one of my boyhood happy moments.

    1998 Belgian Grand Prix


    Oh if you’re six years old you are certainly going to remember a huge pile-up involving half the field. What an absolutely crazy race this was. I’ll always remember seeing everyone (except the Schumacher brothers) really happy over the first win for a bright yellow car. It also turned out to be Damon Hill’s last win in F1, and not being old enough to know of his previous achievements, I thought 1999 could have been a great season for the Brit.

    This race is so great, I have it on my laptop.

    2008 British Grand Prix


    All I have to say about this one is, I was there, and that I have never experienced such a crazy atmosphere at any event before. An INCREDIBLE day.

    2011 Canadian Grand Prix


    Easily Jenson’s finest win. It’s a drive surely John Watson would be proud of, and probably Ayrton Senna. To come back through the field from last, make 7 trips down the pit lane, pull out some great overtaking, and force Vettel to be human all in 1 race is no mean feat. Even more difficult when in mixed conditions.

    Let’s see what F1 Fanatics can bring out! Try to use races other people haven’t used time and time again, to make it slightly more interesting.



    Funny thing, how I do not really remember any races that much in detail, but there are some I remember quite well. I will get back later with some links to them.


    Dan Thorn

    Monza 1988. It would be another year before I was even born, but every time I hear Murray Walker’s commentary as the Ferrari’s cross the line every single hair on my body stands on end.

    Nurburgring 1999. Being a fan of Fisichella this was hugely disappointing race for me, but it was so crazy and so brilliant to watch (and also disappointing as a Williams/Ralf fan) to see Johnny Herbert claim the only win for Stewart ahead of Trulli and Barrichello was, to say the least, absolutely bizarre.

    Bahrain 2006. A bit of a different choice, but I think this was a great race. Epic debut from Rosberg and a brilliant head to head battle at the front between Alonso and Schumacher make this a memorable one for me.

    Hungary 2006. Alonso’s drive in this race is simply the best thing I have ever seen in Formula 1. Button’s first win, as great as it was to watch, was no compensation for Fernando’s misfortune



    Good Topic!!

    1997 Monaco Grand Prix

    This was the first race I ever watched and the start of an obsession! The race itself was a master-class in wet weather driving from Schumi, although I do remember him going straight on at Ste Devote on one lap! Barrichello took an emotional second place for the new Stewart team, who were of course the ancestors to this season’s all conquering Red Bull! I also seem to remember Mika Salo in the Tyrell not needing to make a stop…

    2000 German Grand Prix

    A wet-dry quali mixed up the field a bit, Barrichello started 18th. At the first corner Fisi and Schumacher crash out. Mclaren seem certain to claim a one-two, but then a nutter walks out on to the track and chaos ensues. DC loses out badly in the pits with being the Number 2 at Mclaren. A shower late on makes the track part dry/part wet. Barrichello gambles by staying on dries and wins his first race!

    2001 Brazilian Grand Prix

    Hakkinen stalls at the start and somehow is missed by the rest of the pack. Montoya puts a brilliant move on Schumacher and seems on course for a spectacular result until Verstappen takes him out whilst being lapped. The rain then comes but Schumacher seems out of sorts this time. Coulthard takes the win with a fantastic move on Schumacher using a backmacker! DC’s best win I reckon.

    2005 Japanese Grand Prix

    A wet-dry quali sees Raikonnen, Alonso and Schumacher towards the back of the grid, cue fireworks! Some of the best overtaking I have ever seen, and without KERS or DRS! Alonso round the outside of Schumacher at 130R is just breathtaking. Raikonnen wins the race on the last lap by passing Fisichella around the outside of the high speed turn one!

    P.S I probably would have chosen Belgium 1998 and Nurburgring 1999 too!!

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