Your dream 2012 Formula 1 season?

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    1) Alonso and Ferrari win both titles.
    2) Kobayashi signs with Ferrari to replace Massa for 2013
    3) Webber announces retirement mid season and is replaced by Ricciardo
    4) Michael Schumacher wins multiple races with Rosberg winning none.


    Wait, hang on – I got confused. I thought this was the ‘your nightmare 2012 season’ thread for a minute. Whoops.



    1) Raikkonen does well on his comeback, if only to prove PM and all the other doubters wrong
    2) One driver doesn’t dominate like this year, ideally I would prefer Vettel not to win three in a row but if it’s a close fight I wouldn’t mind
    3) Hamilton gets his act together and drives like he can
    4) Kovalainen scores some points



    1) Michael Schumacher wins a race;
    2) Raikkonen gets on the podium;
    3) Vettel wins a third successive title;
    4) Webber retires and is replaced by Raikkonen;
    5) Caterham finish the season no worse than 9th;
    6) Sky F1 is a commercial failure, and they’re forced to give it up;



    @magnificent-geoffrey, it’s too late now – just watch, all those things will happen! And you won’t be able to complain :P



    1. Extremely compitive season with 8 different drivers from 5 teams winning races.

    2. Alonso and Ferrari win both championships.

    3. Vettel’s engine blows up in the penultimate race costing him the championship (Japan 2006 style)

    4. Raikkonen, Schumacher, Rosberg and Massa win a race.

    5. Grosjean, Kobayashi, Perez, di Resta and Hulkenburg get their first podium.

    6. Mclaren and Hamilton stuggle badly, who has another poor season. At the end of the year Hamilton is fired by Mclaren because of attitude problems and replaced by Hulkenburg.


    Fer no.65


    1) A championship like 2010
    2) Racing like at Silverstone and Germany 2011…



    1. Schumi wins
    2. Kimi wins
    3. vettel doesn’t win ;)
    4. Sauber podium
    5. close championship
    6. Caterham points contenders



    1. Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull all make equal cars
    2. Kubica’s injuries do not end his F1 career
    3. Stand out performances from the midfield including podiums
    4. Rosberg wins a race
    5. Webber wins in Melbourne



    1. Sauber makes it to the podium
    2. Jenson or Lewis win the WDC
    3. Williams has a better season
    4. Canada provides another thriller (My first F1 race in person!)



    Michael, becomes the youngest ever 8 times champion on top of being the youngest ever 4th, 5th, 6th & 7 times champion. Give Seb a few youngest ever records to shoot for.
    Seriously, I just hope we have a competitive season with good racing & a couple of teams joining the top 3 for podium places.
    I hope Kimi does’nt have to go through the same ridicule that Michael faced in his first season back. No driver operating at the level these guys perform at should ever have to face that.
    Be great to have 6 champions on the grid for the first time ever.



    Going back to the OP, the 3 things i would love to see (however un-realistic)

    1. Sutil Winning the championship in a rejuvenated williams
    2. Glock getting a decent drive mid season and scoring a podium

    and finally….

    3. Ferrari and redbull have a dismal season chasing flexing aerodynamic parts, resulting in awful reliability and finishing 8th and 9th in the championship. And Horner gets the sack.

    Now 3 that are a little more realistic…..

    1. Hekki to make 3 Q3 sessions (possibly with the aid of rain) and score a few points
    2. Mercedes and Lotus Join the fight with the top 3
    3. Maldonado gets the boot.


    Piotr Koteryl

    My dream season? Hmmm…

    1. Schumi returns to winning ways, becoming a regular on the podium.

    2. McLaren (and their drivers) are dismissed from the Championship (a la 2007) for technical and racing infringements.

    3. Sauber drivers reach the podium.

    4. Reliability for all teams return to that of the 1970s and ’80s…aka, terrible.

    5. All ‘Tilke’ tracks have their run-off areas removed and replaced with grassed areas and gravel traps…either that, or they are removed from the calendar and replaced with the old-school circuits like Imola, Estoril etc.

    6. Sky decide that they aren’t getting enough viewing figures, and return the rights to the BBC at the end of the season.

    7. Five drivers (Vettel, Webber, Alonso, Schumacher and Raikkonen) are in contention for the Championship title at the final race of the season, and after an amazing race with plenty of close action, Schumacher takes the victory and the Championship by one point from Vettel, who finishes one point ahead of Raikkonen.

    In a more realistic set of circumstances, I would definitely like to see Raikkonen and Schumacher winning races; I would love to see more close racing for all positions throughout the field; and I would like to see the ‘new teams’ start to pull their weight and score some points.


    Colossal Squid

    1. Alonso wins his third WDC
    2. Schumi is a winner again with many podium appearances
    3. The US GP is a success
    4. Massa gets back to his 2008 self
    5. 7 drivers win races – Massa, Alonso, Button, Hamilton, Vettel, Webber and Schumacher
    6. A crazy Spa 1998, Hungary 1999 or 2006 race where some of the midfield cars end up battling it out for the race.
    7. Caterham get points
    8. Raikkonen returning fast, hungry and determined
    9. Williams improve
    10. A great season for Sergio Perez
    11. A Championship that goes down to the last lap of the last race, with multiple drivers in a position to win it.



    1. to see the ultimate podium, vettel kimi and schumacher.
    2. vettel winning it all for the 3rd time at the verry last race WITH a fight between webber who was already 1st and vettel for the WDC. (webber having won the wdc is also a dream, cause he earns it)
    3. RBR winning the WCC for the 3rd time…
    4. vettel-webber fights just like hamilton-button fights
    5. The 1st DRS-zone longer AND the 2nd DRS zone needs to be gone…

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