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    The European F1 fanatics had to get up quite early this morning to be able to watch the Japanese GP. I actually got up only shortly before 9 AM today but I know that it was only 7 AM in the UK. In the other parts of the world, fans have to wake up early for other races. For instance, early-morning races are nothing exceptional for those living on the West Coast of the USA. I also know that a lot of us actually enjoy watching F1 at that time of the day, waking up early and turning the TV on, while everyone else in the house is still sleeping.

    What about you? Do you like watching F1 at crazy hours? Do you watch free practice and qualifying as well even if they start at 3/4/5 AM? How does your weekend look like in such cases? Do you go to bed early or stay up all night? How does the morning look like – a big cup of coffee / tea / coke, what else? Tell everything about your early-morning races.



    I’m in the UK and I missed the Quali this weekend as I had work at 8am, so didnt fancy getting up at 6am for it.
    I always miss friday FP’s just cos i’m at work, but this time due to being asleep, same with saturday FP, missed lap 1 of the race due to over sleeping, if its a dull race then I tend to drift back to sleep in the middle/towards the end too, about 9laps at the end I missed today



    I hate getting up before 8am, but it’s worth it for Formula One. I don’t like that I have to go to bed early to avoid falling asleep during the program. Though last night I went to bed at around 8:30pm after I accidently overdosed myself with medicine to treat my cold, when I got up I still felt tired but I managed to watch the whole coverage and the forum without falling asleep.



    I have to admit most of the time, I record the early races and then watch them as soon as I wake up.


    sbl on tour

    Got up eaely this morning and yesterday too, but yesterday I watched the rugby instead, i,m knackered as I didnt go to bed early

    Most times when I get early for a race I fall asleep at some part or else swear I,ll not do it again as the majority of these far away races are with a few exceptions mickey mouse or else boring



    got up at 6 this morning and 3 yesterday managed to watch p3 quali and the race and i caght the ends of p1 and 2 on friday.



    Ah I always get up to watch the races… and rue it later on. Korea last year was painful with the red flags, but the worst was Suzuka 2006. As a 10 year old, it was the first time I’d got up to see a race that early, hoping to see my beloved Schumi take a step towards the title. He’s leading into the ITV ad break, only for the coverage to restart, and plumes of smoke coming out of his abandoned Ferrari. I believe I actually cried…



    I used to like the 8am races back in Canada, except after Saturday nights out! But my favourite ones are the 4pm start times (Brazil and Canada currently), I’m not sure why, maybe it’s just because those races are good, but I do like having F1 either side of the main part of the day rather than at 1pm.


    Antony Butler

    Before they moved the Aussie GP to be later, i used to love waking up at 5am for the race or whatever it was, it was a proper event to wake up for!

    I am still happy to wake up early, unfortunately now i start work at 7am on a sunday, so like today i had to watch the race on the iplayer when i got home :( I didnt know the results though so it was still fun and exciting to watch.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    The North and South American races are a problem for me becaue they’re usually on between the hours of why-the-hell-am-I-still-awake and please-God-just-let-me-sleep. This year’s Canadian Grand Prix in particular was very rough.



    I would usually wake up anywhere between 2am and 8am but as of late I pass on the 3am plus/minus races since school started and I wake up very early and need to make up for it on weekends.



    Spare a thought for us Aussies when the Canadian GP went over time. Can’t even remember what time i got to bed, six am rings a bell.




    Oh I see. Button crossed the finish line a few minutes after the midnight (Eastern European Time). It was the latest GP finish I have ever watched. But it was obviously much more extreme for you :) However, I guess the race was worth it.



    We love the asian gps down here. Lazy sunday arvo. The euro ones are a drama as they start at ten pm, a bit hard to get the kids to school in the morning after that.


    Stephen Jones

    Brazil’s at tonne of fun.. around a 4am Start, and you really have to watch it live since championships are often decided there!

    The next fun bit is going to school 30 minutes after the end of the race.. My Mate’s a Mclaren fan and I used to be a Ferrari Fan.. 2007 I Had my flag out during First Period! 2008 he rubbed it in my face..

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