Your early-morning F1 races

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    All the times are quite in my time zone. The problem is that I have school on sundays.



    In theory there is nothing more lovely than getting up in the dark just to watch some beautiful cars race. It has a streak of romanticism about it. In practice though, when I’m living it, I absolutely detest it. I hate my alarm which wakes me up with a shock, I can’t stand being so tired and quite honestly practice is boring the majority of the time so that annoys me too. What I really don’t like though is how pathetic I am. Plenty of fans are up early every weekend and I want to cry when I’m up just for the odd weekend because I live in the UK. I’m such a baby. If I lived outside of Europe and somewhere I had to be up early most weekends I wouldn’t do it.

    Normally I get up using my phone as an alarm clock and it is really obnoxious. I swear it’s mocking me when it goes off. I run downstairs to the biggest TV, set my laptop up and turn on the TV and that’s it. For the practice sessions I just watch them from my bedroom so I can fall straight back to sleep afterwards. If the sessions end after 6am I don’t go back to bed I just get on with my day as normal and try to ignore the fact that I feel like I’m sleep walking.



    I enjoy the odd early morning race as it adds a sense of specialness (one reason why Australia is a good season opener). On Saturday I managed to fall asleep between FP3 and qualifying and had to catch it on iplayer :(

    I wouldn’t like to have late afternoon/evening races though, would have to shuffle too much stuff around to make room.


    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    Watched quali despite having work at 8:30, got FIFA 12 stayed up till midnight, got up at 6 to watch pre race and race. Top weekend!



    I hate the Asian races, getting up at 2:00 doesn’t quite make it. The European runs are great, start breakfast shortly after they get through turn 1. Enjoyed it when living in Italy, eat a proper lunch and settle in front of the tv watching Senna and Mansell (and some young kid named Michael).



    I like Canada the best – tea time in UK Summer time means we had a barbecue this year and last on quali and race day while watching on the widescreen in the summer house! Whole family eating burgers, having a pint just out of the early evening sun – watching Lewis win and Jenson win respectively – can’t complain. :D

    And then you have your standard lunch time races, the Singapore and Euro races, usually get my lunch when I’m watching these – I was always fried an egg/sausage/square sausage with tomato sauce on a fresh bakey roll, don’t know what I’ll do now I’m not living at home any more!

    And finally there are the Austral/asia races – breakfast time – so you can always plan your meals around watching F1 from the Uk – have a normal breakfast when F1 is on then get a fry up when your family wake up …. or is that just greedy me? Have a



    It’s really interesting to read your stories! I totally agree with @steph that it has a streak of romanticism about it. I must admit that I sometimes don’t watch early qualifying sessions (and I usually have to work on Fridays so no free practice as well) but I always get up to watch the race live. It hasn’t been too extreme over the last years as races never start earlier than at 8 AM. Some years ago, the Australian GP used to start at 5 AM. That was really cool and the sun came up as the race went on. The procedure is always the same: I set the alarm clock to 15 minutes before the race start, make myself a big cup of black tea and prepare something to eat as well. When the Australian podium ceremony finished at 7 AM, I used to go back to bed again.



    Oh boo hoo, go cry me a river. I have to get up at early every single race if I want to watch it so I don’t want to hear about you guys getting up before dawn 3 or 4 times a year :D

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