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    That’s a topic we had last year, and it was a very good one.

    Just write who your f1 team would consist of, if you owned one. Drivers, test drivers, young drivers, team principal, technical director, race engineers etc.

    So, my would be:

    Drivers: Robert Kubica and Jenson Button. Kubica is one of the fastest drivers on the grid and probably the most consistent one, while Button is calm, smart, and also consistent. And he has really convinced me this year – I have to admit, I didn’t even imagine him being so fast this year against Lewis. He has shown several times that he is almost as fast as him.

    Test drivers: Gary Paffet and Pedro de la Rosa. Both very experienced and good car developers. And de la Rosa doesn’t seem very slow this year, so in case he’d have to replace one of the drivers he probably wouldn’t be much worse and would still score points.

    Young drivers programme: Jules Bianchi, Daniel Ricciardo, Kazim Vasiliauskas. All very fast and promising.

    Team principal: Martin Withmarsh. This was a tough one.

    Technical director: Adrian Newey. But he’d be told that the car MUST be very realiable, even if it’s a bit slower than it would be.

    Race engineers: Andrew Shovlin for Button and Rob Smedley for Kubica.

    That’s it. And the car would probably be looking like this year’s Renault, except for the stupid Total red colour.



    Drivers: Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa

    Test drivers: Gary Paffet and Rubens Barrichello

    Driver programme: Jules Bianchi, Daniel Ricciardo, Sam Bird.

    Principal: Stefano although maybe Martin.

    Director: Newey same as Enigma.

    R engineers: Smedley for Massa hopefully not damaged, Alo would keep his too.

    It would be a Ferrari.



    So basically you’re just buying Ferrari and bringing Newey and new test drivers :)

    Also, I would set up GP2, GP3 and Formula Renault 3.5 teams, and let people from here drive and race :)

    So, have I won any supporters and sponsors yet?



    Drivers: Mark Webber and Bruno Senna

    Test drivers: Chrisijian Albers and Adrian Sutil

    Driver programme: Oliver Webb, Max Chilton and Oliver Turvey

    Team principal: Ross Brawn would get results But I like Nick Fry as well but I think Brawn gets it.

    Technical director: Adrian Newey (theres going to be a lot of Neweys arent there)

    Race engineers: Rob Smedley for Bruno and Andrew Shovlin for Webber (or his current one Im not sure on his name)

    The car livery would be slightly odd like the ’96 Forti



    Drivers: Lewis Hamilton, Kubica

    Test drivers: Senna, Rubens

    Driver programme: Jules Bianchi, Daniel Ricciardo,

    Principal: Whitmarsh

    Director: Newey

    R engineers: Let the drivers choose

    Livery – http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs15/p/2007/072/1/12efb04d6a7fcf5b.jpg


    Dan Thorn

    Drivers: Alonso, Trulli

    Test drivers: De La Rosa, Paffett

    Driver Programme: Me

    Principal: Probably Whitmarsh.

    Technical Director: Newey/Brawn/Byrne

    Race Engineer: Andrea Stella, Andrew Shovlin

    Livery: All red with a simple cloverleaf…That’s right, Alfa.



    Drivers: Lewis Hamilton (nr1) and Jenson Button (nr2)

    Lewis in my opinion is the best and faster out there, Button is a great driver, just a bit less and a perfect fit. If I would go for the best drivers it would be lewis, fernando and/or Sebastian Vettel.

    Test Driver: Heidfeld

    Young Drivers: D’Ambrisio (yeah I’m a belgian)

    Team principal: Ross Brawn

    Technical Director: Adrian Newey

    Race engineers: Rob Smedley and Pat Symonds


    Ned Flanders

    OK, instead of coming up with my ideal team, I’m going to do something a bit different and create my own low budget F1 team that I hope will soon have a place on F1 Rejects: Flanders F1.

    Team name: Flanders F1

    Engine: Mechachrome (badged as ‘Okely Dokely’)

    Team Principal: Andrea Sassetti ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrea_Sassetti )

    Drivers: Kamui Kobayashi and Adrian Sutil (the team’s star assets)

    Test Driver: Chanoch Nissany

    Technichal Director: Mike Coughlan

    Chief Engineer: Nigel Stepney

    Young driver programme: Ho Pin Tung

    Title Sponsor: Burger King

    Other Sponsors: Jaypee Group, CVC, Gazprom, VisitMalaysia.com

    Livery: http://tweetphoto.com/25779084 (The best thing about the team!)


    Travis Oreali

    Hahaha! If any car came out badged an ‘Okely Dokely’ I’d buy it in a flash.



    Ned, that is frankly ridiculous! Hahahahaha!

    And SoLiDG – if you’re Belgian, what about signing the fantastically-named Bertrand Baguette!?



    Ned wins.


    Tom L.

    Ned – if you want a proper F1 rejects team, how about having Michael Schumacher and Pedro de la Rosa on the young driver programme! By the time they’d worked their way up through the junior formulae, they’d be too old and have to stop :D And also, there’s a noticeable lack of Yuji Ide in your line-up!

    Anyway, going back to the original theme: A pair that people wouldn’t immediately think of but who wouldn’t have such high financial demands as some of the people suggested in this thread: Trulli and Heidfeld. With the former’s qualifying pace and the latter’s race pace and overtaking talent, they’re very complementary. Jarno is one of those hot and cold drivers who on his day would be unbeatable, but on the days where he dropped back (or crashed into Sutil!), Heidfeld would be there, consistent as ever, to bring home some points.

    As for the young driver programme, any of the GP2 frontrunners – Maldonado, Perez… also I’ve been very impressed with Dani Clos’s improvement from last year, he really was quite disappointing last year and I didn’t expect him to mount a title challenge this year. So if he can continue that rate of progress, he could be a good man to have on the programme.

    Test driver would be Rubens, for his experience and quality of feedback.

    Team principal – Ross Brawn.

    Technical director – again to go for someone a bit different, Mike Gascoyne. He usually seems to get the best out of his team, whatever that may be.



    James_mc, Baguette would be good aswell :)

    Hope he gets to grip with the indycars soon.



    Drivers: #1 – M. Schumacher or Alonso. These two drivers are the kind of the drivers whom given either the best car or a good car are garunteed to be in contention for the championship because they are COMPLETE talents – period. They are proven world champions. 90%+ of the time, if they make mistakes, they make them on Thursday or Friday, not Saturday or Sunday when it matters. They also get everything that be had a chassis and sometimes far more than is actually there. They are committed to testing as much as is absolutely possible. Additionally, they are ruthless.

    #2 – Barrichello or Fisichella. These two drivers are good foils and hense teammates to drivers like M. Schumacher and Alonso. They are good, or even great talents, but they are not sublime talents. Hence, they consistently score points, but they don’t generally challenge the number one driver. I believe this is key. Having two drivers who are challengers for the championship is risky business. Even if you have the dominant car (Williams 1986, possibly Red Bull 2010) you risk losing the championship because your two drivers take points off eachother which, by dividing those points across two drivers, can keep drivers on other teams in the hunt when they otherwise wouldn’t be. Beyond that, both drivers are again excellent testers and have a handy nack for winning races when the number one driver does have race weekend troubles.

    Test drivers: Alexander Wurz; Nick Heidfeld. These two drivers have basically made careers as F1 test drivers. Additionally, Wurz has schooling in engineering and apparently gives absolutely superb feed back to engineers.

    Young Drivers Program: Steal fresh talent off lower F1 teams after they’ve been proven. Seems the tried and tested method to me. :)

    Team Principal: Jean Todt. He was seemingly able to take the politics out of Scuderia Ferrari and turn a disaster into a team that wins six consecutive Constructors championships he’s my pick for sure even if he’s not on the market.

    Technical Director(s): Ross Braun & Rory Byrne. This duo was responsible for Ferrari’s domination from 1999-2004. Where were Newey’s cars then? These two produce a car that’s both fast and reliable. Far too often Newey’s cars are simply not reliable or poor in mechanical grip because he’s too good an aerodynamicist (Newey has made some beautiful F1 cars).

    Team Clown: Luca di Montezemolo or Flavio Briatore. Too keep us F1 fans entertained will rediculous opinions, and silly comments.


    Keith Collantine

    All Ned is missing is Kimi Raikkonen as his press spokesman.

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